Garden Plans are underway

Greenhouse kit is ready and waiting.  I have found a contractor to do the ground work, construct greenhouse and move/fill raised borders, so just need to confirm work order with them tomorrow.  Hopefully they’ll be able to do the work soon as I’ve just ordered my seeds from D.T. Brown!  I will be using these seeds, plus some seeds I have left over from previous years.  Some seeds date back to 2005!!! But I’ll give them a go and see if they manage to sprout.

I was going to keep my notes in a notebook, but hey it is 2011 so why not Blog it.

Today’s Order:

Description Of Product Qty Seeds Price
Courgette, Best of British F1 1 10 £1.49
Pea (Mangetout), Oregon Sugar Pod AGM 1 100g £1.79
Pea (Snap Type), Quartz 1 100g £2.19
Broccoli, Tenderstem Green Inspiration F1 1 40 £2.99
Carrot, Sugarsnax 54 F1 AGM 1 500 £1.79
Cucumber, Superbel F1 1 5 £2.69
Herbs, Orange Scented Thyme 1 500 £0.99
Lettuce, Little Gem AGM 1 1250 £0.89
Lettuce, Salad Bowl Mixed AGM 1 1200 £1.19
Shallots (Pickling), Ambition F1 1 150 £2.49
Pepper (Sweet), Hamik 1 25 £1.39
Squash (Winter), Sweet Dumpling 1 10 £1.29
Tomato, Favorita F1 AGM 1 10 £1.99
Tomato, Gardeners’ Delight AGM 1 50 £0.99
Potato, Sante 1 1.5kg £3.95
Biodegradable Leaf Sacks 1 3 £8.95
Grow Bag Cane Supports 1 3 £6.95
Herbs, Garlic Chives 1 500 £1.09

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