Old Seeds

Well my sweetpeas have been a disaster in the toilet tubes, the cardboard has gone all fuzzy and no seedlings have appeared, the same old seeds are also in normal pots and they’ve not germinated either yet, so I think those old seeds were just too old.  I’ve never had much success with sweetpeas though.

I can see a difference between the old and new seeds of the tomato seeds though.  I sowed the same number of seeds on each side of the tray, one side old seeds and the other side new seeds.  The new seeds have a lot more germinating seedlings so trick I guess is to use all the seeds up before they expire and share them if you have just too many.

Courgettes, Cobnut Squash, Cucumber, Tomatoes, Sweetcorn, Rhubarb and Sweet Peppers are all doing well.  Chilli peppers…hmm need to check on those.  The sprout seedlings are getting very long and falling over, I’ll plant some directly outside as well, not sure these leggy ones will do much good.

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