Latest photos from Vegetable Garden–taken 24th June




I think I’ve planted out my sweetcorn too early, it hasn’t grown much since it left the greenhouse.  The mangetout and sugar snap peas seem to be doing well.  We had a hail stone storm yesterday which knocked them down a bit but hopefully they’ll recover ok.


First 6 brussel sprout plants seem to be doing ok, I have some more and some brocolli to plant at the weekend, I’m hoping that if I squeeze in more and then cover with a net I’ll limit amount of pest damage and at least end up with one sprout and one brocolli by winter.


Potatoes are doing well, the hail yesterday went straight through some leaves, I couldn’t work out why there were tears throughout leaves, yet no bit munched…the collection of hail stones under the leaves were the clue.


This is my rather pathetic looking root vegetable bed…Sad smile  Believe it or not there are supposed to be carrots, onions and beetroot growing in this border.  There are the tiniest, teeniest seedlings popping up but they are taking an awfully long time, not sure I’ll get anything very exciting from this bed unless the weather improves.


My tender bed is ….. beyond pathetic.  I planted out 3 courgettes and then we had a turn of really bad weather.  Bottom left one will come out of bed tomorrow and I’ll try giving other one a bit more TLC and we’ll see how it does…not too hopeful though.


Mixed lettuce outside, doing well – rips from the hail stones but otherwise looks good and tastes yummy.


Cold frame (well kind of as there isn’t really a lid for it.  But it is storing my remaining sprout seedlings, my brocolli and even a couple of different squash.  Tomorrow I need to cut off the runners for my alpine strawberry plants and hopefully will get some extra plants out of the cuttings, but main reason is to concentrate it on producing fruit.  I need to put them in my strawberry planter really.  Other 2 pots contain some herbs including Chocolate Mint, oh and some borage I need to find a home in garden for.


Couldn’t resist this little fella in the garden centre the other day.  I was looking for pots for my blueberry plants and ended up with just him….back to garden centre at weekend to pick up some nice pots for blueberries.


(Left to right)  4 rhubarb plants I grew from seed this spring, they are doing great, need to find home in ground for them.  2 new cucumber plants, still not doing that great….maybe no cucumbers this year.  Jalapeno and Sweet Pepper plants.  Blueberry mini bushes.  Some more chillies and peppers.


Two varieties of tomato, here are 3 plants per long thin planter, they all seem to be doing well and have at least one truss that has flowers on.


In the corner are 2 more tomato plants, plus 3 chilli plants and 3 sweet peppers. 


(Left to right)  3 more tomato plants!  Ok so I went a bit nuts with tomato plants…but hey look at my cucumbers which I was conservative with and looks like I won’t have any…you can’t win.  Then a Squash, some Cos Lettuces, a very successful and healthy looking courgette plant, some flowers (I thought would attract in the bees to pollinate stuff, some more lettuces and another squash.  Then in the right corner is my asparagus plants (x3) which are new this year, so no crop until next year.


Finally a view of how things look all together.  Hopefully when I take photos at the end of July we’ll be a lot further on.

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