Photos taken 26th August (what happened to my end of July shots …oops forgot to take them)



We’ve had loads of sugar snap peas and mangetout, and shared lots with our next door neighbour.  Unfortunately when I was away for 4 days they didn’t get watered and so a batch got blossom end rot…or whatever you call it….but after clearing those off the others will hopefully be ok.  Haven’t tried blanching and freezing any yet….maybe give it a go though.


I can just see the start of where the brussel sprouts will…..sprout from.  In between there is some tenderstem brocolli.  Fingers crossed my netting on the top and sides seems to be keeping away the cabbage white caterpillars.  Last year I had thousands of them and I didn’t like to kill them so I put them all in our brown bin.  When Allistar came out the next morning there were loads of them crawling down the bin and down the path in an effort to get back to what was left of the cabbages.  I’d been given the cabbage plants by a neighbour…even though I don’t like cabbages I grew them but we ended up not eating any or giving any away …well except giving to all those caterpillars.


Hard to see through the netting but this is one of the tenderstem brocolli stalks, this is the perfect brocolli plant as Allistar doesn’t like it so there is just enough for me and I can pick a few thin stalks like this and then they kindly pop out a few more a week later when I’m ready for a bit more brocolli.


Here are my spuds, maybe have a dig around and see how big they are this weekend.  We left a few spuds in the ground for over 12 months by mistake and they ended up being the size of a dinner plate!  Hopefully I’ll manage to dig out all the ones from this bed, this year, as next year it will be rotated to a different crop.


This is such a pathetic border, in here are supposed to be shallots (far left), carrots, beetroot and some pak choi.  I snuck in the pak choi seeds last minute because slugs ate all my other ones that were in the brassica bed.  This is supposed to be my root vegetable bed but it has truly been pathetic.  I think I’ll just end up with one decent beetroot and that’s about it.  Not sure what the problem has been.


This is my much improved tender bed.  In here I have 2 squash plants, a courgette plant with tiny courgettes on, about 1/20th of the size they are growing to in the greenhouse. Also in here is some spinach, rocket and cos lettuce…oh and a flower that I ran out of room in my hanging baskets so stuck it in here.  Plus my rather lovely ladybug wind thingymebobby that my mother in law, Pam, bought me. 


These are my rhubarb plants ….bearing in mind that these were planted from seed earlier this year I think they are doing pretty well.  At the moment I have 3 crowns in one pot but it is likely that I’ll try to split them out in early spring.


This planter has been my most successful for growing tomato plants in.  I am going to treat myself with a couple more of these same planters next year as they don’t take up much room and out of the different containers and supports I’ve got for my tomatoes these are the ones that are doing the best.  Just look how many there are growing on the vines.  Yep very happy with this…


I tried growing 3 tomato plants per flower planter but I just don’t think they hold enough soil or water.  One of them dries out really quickly and I think that is the one that I remembered to put gravel in the bottom to improve the drainage, clearly I put too much in as the drainage is too good.  Next year I’ll use these planters for growing lettuce in, instead.


My sweet peppers seem to be doing ok, still a lot of flowers that haven’t yet developed fruit but the tiniest of signs are there on some.  My jalapenos are way smaller than the sweet peppers and the weather is already starting to get much colder with it only being 6 degrees Celsius last night….need to get some fuel for my greenhouse heater just in case.


At the weekend my pathetic looking cucumber plant will move into the sunroom.  I have just been having a total disaster growing cucumbers this year and I think I’ll just have to grow them indoors.  Autumn is already coming and I think it is just too high a fluctuation in temperature for them to grow.


This is a Cobnut Squash……Bearing in mind I have two squash plants in the greenhouse which are growing out of control and up the bars of the greenhouse, I only have this one squash to show for it all.  I am hoping and keeping my fingers crossed that this continues to grow and ripens.  Even if I just get this one it will still be the first success I’ve had in growing squash, despite years of trying. 


My courgette plant in the greenhouse has been a great success, I think we must have had between 12-15 already and they are still growing, although there’s a funny looking one that looked like it was too dry last weekend when I was away.  Probably didn’t get fertilised either.


The asparagus which I planted and which said to not pick is now like a forest.  The instructions didn’t give me any direction as to what I was supposed to do with the stalks…I’ve left them to grow but need to know what to do with them if they don’t end up dying back on their own.


These are just some shots of looking out of the greenhouse, looking into the greenhouse and then my gardening helpers keeping a watch out for any mice that may fancy a nipple of a courgette or worse my squash!


Mama’s baby boy! 


Shame about the dead tree in the foreground but hopefully we’ll put some sparkly lights on it for Christmas and then maybe chop it down next year….very depressed over all my dying trees….not sure how to tell what is killing them as they seem to have different symptoms. 

Anyway, that’s enough for today.  It’s a shame I didn’t do end of July pictures, as the whole point of starting this blog was supposed to be a record for myself as to how things were doing and where, but hopefully this’ll still be useful for next year.

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