2012 Garden Plans

Today I have ordered some new seeds. I still intend to plant remaining seeds from last year, plus some I got from my mum at Christmas but I just couldn’t resist buying some new ones too.

New Buys
Beetroot Bulls Blood which is a salad leaf that is supposed to taste of Beetroot.
Watercress Aqua, they say it doesn’t need running water just a pot sat in water, so I’ll give it a go.
Honey Bear Squash, I don’t know why I keep trying to grow squash when I have had years of failure in growing them, but for £1.29 for a pack of seeds I am going to give a different variety a go.
Green Globe Artichoke, never grown artichoke before and not sure how well it will do this far north but we’ll see.
Cara Potatoes, hopefully they’llbe tastier than last years Desiree which were so floury dry.
Porbello Leek seeds came free with my orderso I will plant these. I haven’t grown leeks for a couple of years.
I have also treated myself to a Jostaberry plant which is a cross between a gooseberry and a blackberry, sounds interesting.

I also got some free seed packs during the year including Carrot Mini Finger!!

Gift Seeds
Broccoli purple sprouting
Cauliflower purple graffiti, I will try one seed as I don’t like cauliflower but I will try and see if this variety can change my attitude to it. Anyway it being purple will look pretty at least.
Strawberry Florian, it says great for baskets so I am going to do strawberry hanging baskets this year!!!!
Tomato Gourmet, last year I only did cherry tomatoes, this is a medium sized fruit so will hopefully be ok for making sauces etc.
Pepper Diablo and Ringo, last year I did masses of Hamik peppers and they didn’t ripen. This year I will grow less pepper plants but the two varieties.

Last Year Repeats
Brocolli Tenderstem
Carrot Sugarsnax
Beetroot Boltardy
Chinese Cabbage F1 Tip Top
Courgette Best of Brittish
Cucumber Superbel
Peas Sugar Pod and Quartz
Pepper Hamik
Pumpkin Hundredweight
Squash Cobnut and Sweeit Dumpling
Tomato Gardeners Delight
Mix of various varieties of lettuce, rocket, spinach beet, herbs.
I also have my asparagus bag that I bought last year which will hopefully have a harvest this year.
Big plans, busy sprung and summer lined up. Time to get dressed and get planting some seeds.

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