Busy day in garden

Today I dragged Allistar to the garden centre so he could help me with the lifting of compost bags. I bought him lunch there as a reward for coming with me as he hates gardening jobs.

I bought some manure, various compost bags and lime. When we got back I transplanted my 3 blueberry bushes to some bigger pots, planted my jostaberry plant (which is a cross between a gooseberry and blackcurrant). Repotted my mint, rosemary and one of my peris bushes which has been looking a bit miserable. I lost two shrubs this winter so had two large empty pots. I have smashed up some frost damaged pots for crocks to use.

This doesn’t sound like I have done very much when you write it but it feels like I have had a busy afternoon. The weather has been nice today, blue sky, warm when the sun is out and only occasional drizzle.

I need to start making plans for my shed. How big it needs to be, exact location, I want it to be wide enough for a nice long work bench and plenty of space for my tools, compost bags, pots etc. at the moment I do my planting in the garage as if I work in the greenhouse I have to wheel all the bags and tools around and then wheel them all back again. A nice sunny shed will be a great addition. Plus it may free up enough space in the garage to actually fit my car in next winter.

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