Sunday’s Gardening Session

Onion & Root Bed
Shallots from B&Q! planted direct in the raised bed.
Garlic planted in module trays in the greenhouse…to help them along.
Shallot seeds planted in module trays in the greenhouse, I planted them direct in the bed last year, as per instructions, and they didn’t do anything so hopefully starting them off in modules will work better.
Potato Bed
Double dug in some manure into the bed. Last year this bed had very poor results in growing my roots and onions. Hopefully the underlying layer of manure will help. I’m not sure if I added enough, but we’ll see. My seed potatoes have still not arrived yet.
Other Beds
According to my rotation system I have put a couple of handfulls of lime into the appropriate boarders.
Carrot seeds planted in tall container, that last year had 3 tomato plants, I added some sand to the mix, so hoping that I’ll get some good long carrots. The variety planted are called ‘Mini Finger’.
The planter which last year had my courgette, squash and some lettuce in, I have planted some early cropping salad leaves – Rocket, Beetroot Leaves, Lettuce.
Sun Room
The seeds that I planted the weekend of 10th have all sprouted and appear to be doing well.

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