My Dream Holiday Has Begun

Saturday morning I dropped cats off at the cattery and finished tidying house etc. We were late setting off for the airport as Allistar was dillydallying about what to pack. when we got to car parking place the guy thought we must have given him wrong flight details as we were so late!! We flew down to London and stayed at Holiday Inn, we had talked about going into London for dinner but were too tired. We checked our cases in using Virin’s Twilight Check-in, which Jen had told us about and was great to get rid of bags so early. We had dinner at hotel, fish and chips for me and Allistar had gammon, then we chilled out. In the morning we headed to airport and went through to departures. We had breakfast at Cafe Rouge and I had French Toast with fresh strawberries, banana and blueberries and class of orange. Allistar had poached egg with smoked salmon on a toasted brioche (can’t spell). So although I have never dreamed of seeing Las Vegas and this trip is really about seeing Hawaii, we stopped off for 2 nights in Las Vegas. We stayed at the Monte Carlo Hotel, which is on the centre of the strip. On Sunday night we walked down The Strip, we went into Bellagio and saw the greenhouse with butterflies in, saw the glass sculptures on the ceiling of the lobby, saw the fountains outside and on our way back we saw the chocolate waterfalls. We went into the Coliseum and had dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. I had a garden burger (made with beetroots and beans), Allistar wanted ribs but they had run out so he had a burger instead (I think). neither of us had room for cheesecake. It was about 10.30pm when we had dinner our body clocks being all messed up anyway. More exploring on Monday and we gambled all of $3 on slot machines! Casinos are really smokey which is a shame for non smokers and the staff subjected to the passive smoke. I really don’t get the point of gambling. We saw various hotels inside and found the roller coaster in New York New York hotel shut for day which was shame. We watched The Blue Man group in the evening and that was great. After the show we got on the bus to Downtown area, which is old Las Vegas and more what we expected. We looked around for somewhere nice to eat and finally went to a place inside the D-Hotel, called Andiamo Steak House I had Insulata Caprese and shoestring fries, which we shared and Allistar had Fillet Mignon with 3 sauces on the side; Andiamo Signature Zip Sauce, Cabernet Shallot Demi-Glace and Balsamic Glaze with Cipollini Onions. For dessert we shared a chocolate cake slice which was a bit dry and disappointing. It was about 11pm when we finished I think so another evening of eating late. We caught bus back and went to bed about 1am I think. On Tuesday we had a lazy morning packing. We had breakfast at Yogurt In at the hotel and mixed natural frozen yogurt with fresh fruit and granola which was very tasty. We had a wander over the MGM Grand which didn’t seem very grand.

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