2013 Garden Plans

What is up with this blog writing, I am so inconsistent with it. Not helped by me constantly having to reset my password – hopeless.

I have been very late starting my vegetable garden this year and considering we are at the end of May now, I really only have tiny seedlings of the things I am growing this year. I will not be growing potatoes this year, and don’t think I am growing peas either. I have planted less volume of seeds this year and I am going to be more ruthless at throwing out excess seedlings, rather than have the greenhouse overloaded with stuff. Last year I think I had 15 tomato plants but this year I have only grown one variety and only a few seeds sown. I am trying cucumber, squashes and courgette again, so fingers crossed with less tomatoes occupying the greenhouse I will have more room for the squashes to grow in there.

My garlic that I planted in winter seems to be doing well, the artichoke that I planted from seed in 2011 is still relatively small plant and so I don’t think I will be getting any harvest from them this year – possibly next year though.

This year I am having two permanent beds with the rhubarb, artichoke, strawberries and flowers in, then a 4 bed rotation this year instead of 5 beds in the previous 2 years. We’ll see how this gets on and the fact that I am not growing potatoes in one of them is going to give me more room anyway.

I have decided to make a rockery with the back slope behind the kitchen and will need to get rid of all the grass there and then put some covering down and either have gravel or bark – not sure which yet – also not sure how I’ll get rid of the grass as Allistar won’t be up for that much labour.


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