Behind with Garden Posts and Holiday Posts!

Now I look back at the shots of my plants in previous years and I realise just how late I have been with planting things this year. With us being away for 3 weeks in Hawaii and then me suffering from a severe bout of post holiday blues I just couldn’t get going. Yesterday I only just planted my spinach, beetroot and bulls blood seeds in the root bed. I transplanted 3 tomato plants which have looked a bit small and pathetic into a grow back and hope that as we appear to be having a good summer so far that they’ll make a sudden burst and will grow fairly quickly. As my asparagus appears to have died over the winter I have transplanted one of the courgette plants into the top of the container. I’m not sure if the cucumbers are growing much – they are in the greenhouse still, I’ll see how they get on but may need to move them into the sunroom to get some real progress on them. This has been a busy weekend with a lot of transplanting, planting, topping up compost, we’ve taken out the dead tree and the half dead conifer from the inside garden. And trimmed all the grass around the edges of the house and fences, what a difference it makes when the edges are all trimmed. This evening I’ve started to have a look at ideas for our Pacific Northwest Road Trip. That makes me realise I am ridiculously behind with sorting out all the photos from our Hawaii trip in March and I really need to go through them and get some of the posted and enter the details. Whether anyone reads them is less important than me having the record for myself. It really was a truly magical trip and having the ability to review the highlights and photos from any computer anywhere in the world is worth investing the time in getting them on here.

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