The Olympic Peninsula, Washington USA

7-9 June 2014

I debated whether or not to include the stop at Lake Quinault, my itinerary kept changing over and over again and in the end, having read some entries on Sporkhashi’s blog I decided to include a 2 night stay at Lake Quinault Lodge, which is in a beautiful setting and is a lovely place to stay.


We had a busy full day between our two nights travelling up the west coast of the Olympic Peninsula stopping at Forks, Ruby beach, La Push (famous for Twilight movies location) and Rialto beaches. We saw some Bald Eagles and we saw huge trees that were drift wood. A strange mist was rolling in from the sea and there is really such a weird atmosphere there, eerie yet tranquil. It was definitely worth adding to the trip.


2015/01/img_0077.jpgWe went to Quinault Mercantile for breakfast both days and had their delicious ‘yogi bearie crunch’, (Greek yogurt berries honey and granola).

When we got back from our trip we drove to see the world’s biggest spruce tree. We could have walked had we not got back so late. There were signs saying Cougars had been spotted recently in the area. That along with the black bear rumours we were glad we had driven (wimps!)

If you are in the area then the Salmon House Restaurant has nice options for salmon lovers like me and it was cooked well. Outside the window of the restaurant were lots of hummingbirds. Beautiful!


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