Lake Quinault to Cannon Beach

9-10 June 2014

A second visit to Quinault Mercantile for another Yogi Bearie Crunch was the perfect start to our day.  On our way south down the Pacific Coast Highway 101 we stopped for a quick wander around Raymond and Willapa lovely area with dozens of sculptures along the sides of the road, in every direction.   It makes the town attractive and gives a traveller a walm welcome.

We stopped for lunch in Long Beach which says it has the World’s Longest Beach! But put that in Google and there are others that seem to actually be longer.  However it is very, very long and worth a glimpse as you are passing.

As you leave Washington State and enter Oregon, you are on the World’s largest single truss bridge, I haven’t Googled this fact to test it…I don’t want to shatter all these facts we took in.

Lake Quinault to Cannon Beach

We had a wander around Astoria but didn’t stay long and we were relieved to have taken advice from TripAdvisor forums that said don’t bother staying there, instead we drove on to Cannon Beach and stayed at We were I  room 25 and had a balcony and a perfect view of the sun setting, watching people strolling along the beach.  There is a supermarket close by and so we bought snacks and nibbles and had a buffet on the balcony…pure bliss!

In the collage of photos taken on Cannon Beach you can see a man carrying some driftwood that he then put down and watched the sunset!

Cannon Beach Views


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  1. Reblogged this on Phase Three and commented:
    Pacific Coast Highway 101, a longstanding friend to us in the years we lived on Willapa Bay in Pacific County and traveled up and down the Washington and part of the Oregon coastlines. I recognized the photos taken at Raymond and Willapa Bay area.


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