Australia Zoo

We had seen a programme, back in the UK, about two tiger cubs called Spot and Stripe.  They lived at Australia Zoo so we were keen to include a visit to the zoo in the hope of seeing them.  Unfortunately we didn’t get to see those particular tigers but we did see some of their other tigers who they go into the enclosures with and they treat them like they are house cats.  Stroking them, giving them milk, and you can pay extra to either go on a walk with the tigers or to have a photo taken stroking one.  We didn’t pay the extra money for those experiences, I was nervous enough stroking the kangaroo!!  

Tigers at Australia Zoo

I really enjoyed our day there with my husband, cousin and her family.  The boys were really well behaved, despite it being a long day and we pretty much had got there when it opened and left just before closing. It was during half term but it didn’t feel too busy, it seemed like there was plenty of space and lots to see. We got to stroke a koala bear and kangaroos, so definitely a more hands on experience than I have had at other zoos.

Australia zoo


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