YOP8 – Week 36/52

Where did this week go?  I finished my socks but that’s it!  Oh that’s a lie, I finished the surprise which I can’t show until next week.

So here’s my socks…my 3rd pair of Hermione’s Everyday socks in West Yorkshire Spinners Signature 4 ply yarn in the wood pigeon colour-way.  It is a blend of unspecified wool 40%, blue faced Leicester 35% and nylon 25%.  You’ll notice on the toe that I was ever so slightly off making a perfect pair, ah well that’ll be in a shoe or slipper.  The row count was the same but I obviously misjudged the  2nd cast on.

My last few finished objects have all been fingering weight, so I am definitely ready for a new yarn weight.  I didn’t get a chance to knit my swatch with the Cochrane yarn, so I will do that Sunday afternoon and next week you will see what pattern I have finally decided on.  It’s sport weight so it isn’t a big difference, but it feels nice and wooly/woolley/woolly (how do you spell that, seriously even the spell checker doesn’t know lol???).  Anyway it isn’t superwash and has no nylon in it so I am looking forward to the feel of a nice squishy yarn.  

Erm…talking of soft squishy yarn, I still have Void on my needles…no progress made on that this week and I think I’m going to park it for a while…I keep considering just casting it off, but I must resist the urge.  So I think parking it for a while will help and by next autumn I will have a lovely huge soft alpaca shawl to snuggle in.


This week I discovered Kristy Glass Knits YouTube channel and through that I have found some more ideas of things I would like to make and some really interesting interviews with designers, yarn store owners, indie dyers etc.  Plus a really interesting and helpful chat with a group of friends about diversity that I found so helpful in understanding some of the terminology that people have been mentioning.  

One of Kristy’s interviews is with Carolyn Bloom.  Not someone I had heard of before, but she has designed some gorgeous crochet and knitted brioche items.  She has also done some gorgeous photos of yarn with fresh flowers and other gorgeous photos.  I don’t normally share blog posts I have watched but this lady had so many things that have inspired me I thought I’d share.  She has knit blankets that are inspired by quilt patterns, really yummy brioche scarves, an interesting spotted crochet blanket I prefer to Northeasterly and I am considering doing instead, also as its crochet it would be a nice change from knitting.  

Link to YouTube interview  

I am going to try doing some brioche with some of my homespun purple and pink yarn!  Brioche is on this year’s YOP list, so a small project with some homespun seems a good idea for a first attempt.


No wet felting, dyeing or spinning this week!!!  No real spring cleaning either!  Seriously, what have I done this week!  I watched the Oscars on Monday…did aliens abduct me the rest of the week?  Off topic but…although I wasn’t that struck on the movie “The Favourite”, I love Olivia Coleman and have seen her acceptance speech 3 times and cried each time!  

I posted out sets of stitch markers to 4 fellow bloggers and by Saturday I had confirmation that a set had arrived safely to Arizona.  Hopefully the others did/will.

Two other people are interested in them, so I will make up some more.  (Please check your junk email folder if you think you didn’t receive my replies 🙂)


Finally, last year I joined in with the Tour de Fleece competition in the team ‘More Enthusiasm than Skill’ and won a Handy Andy!!!!  It was being hand turned by a men’s shed group near our team captain, so it was a bit of a wait for it to be done.  It arrived on Saturday so I need to work out (via YouTube) what on earth I do with it!  I know, I’ve had months to do research on it but hey ho!  I learn best by doing.  I’ll let you know next week what you do with it!!  Hopefully I am going to meet some of the ladies from my TdF team in June, when I am visiting my sister, and there’s a fibre festival on nearby they usually attend.


  1. You have had a busy week! Your socks looks great – very cushy and comfy, and great pattern! The stitch markers arrive here safe and sound – they are even more beautiful than in the pictures, so thank you thank you thank you! I am getting a blog post ready about them for a bit later today, I think.

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  2. I received my stitch markers yesterday. I love them! Thank you!

    I also watched Olivia Coleman’s speech and cried. I did not watch the rest of the Oscars, though.

    Your socks look great. Some day I will knit another pair of socks.

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  3. Your socks turned out fantastic. No one will ever notice the toe. I have never heard of a Handy Andy. I will everyone else am anxious to see what you do with it. Love, love, love the sea glass. I wrote quite a bit about them on my blog.

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  4. Great socks….the header looks like there’s hole in the sock with your dog peeking out! Too cute! I love it when other YOP’ers recommend blogs or podcasts so don’t be shy! I’ll have to check that one out as that is about all I watch in the evening. BTW, I sent you an email regarding the progress keepers….sorry, I don’t check it all the time. I missed the Oscars but hey, I’m sure I can watch a tape! Thanks for reminding me….I’ll just be a week late! LOL!

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  5. I can’t wait to read what a Handy Andy is for. I can’t even approximate a guess, looking at it. 🙂 Just so you know… Your blog was the first YOP post I visited today and I made the mistake ;^) of clicking on the Glass interview link. Other things sidetracked me after that, and now four hours later here I am – finally come back to post a comment. Thank you for linking to the interview. I am (thankfully) not absorbed in what has gone on in Instagram, but I’m finding the topic interesting and thought provoking.

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  6. The handy Andy looks very interesting and I look forward to seeing what you do with it! Love the socks and the stitch markers are fantastic.

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  7. Add me to the list of people curious about what Andy is Handy for! Love your socks and thanks a bunch for the link to the Kristy Glass video — very thought-provoking. Sorry for taking so long to respond about the stitch markers but I’m glad we finally got in touch.

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    • You should have them next week. I’ve watched zillions of Kristy’s videos now, including 3 years of her doing rheinbeck sweaters and written the names of quite a few of the designers she has interviewed or sweaters I liked and looked up their patterns on Ravelry…now my Cochrane yarn pattern short list is a long list 😂 I’m back knitting Void.


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