My Desert Island Discs 2019

Not a knitting post, but read and join in if you are interested.

Heffalump ramblings

For weeks I have been listening to the Desert Island Disc podcast library. I have listened to dozens of episodes so far and there are many more in my queue. This BBC Radio 4 show has been going for over 77 years!

The concept I don?t believe has changed during that time. You are going to be stranded on a desert island and…

  • You pick 8 discs (that?s single songs, not albums…although some people have chosen poetry readings, a radio episode of their favourite show and Dame Judy Dench requested the BBC Radio 4 shipping forecast as one of her discs!)
  • You are given a copy of the Bible, the complete works of Shakespeare and you may pick one other book.
  • You are also allowed to pick a luxury. You aren?t allowed to pick a raft or boat! Ray Mears, survival expert, says you can use shells as knives, so…

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