Vegetable Garden Refresh and Throw Back to 9 Years Ago!

Today I have ordered some new Pallet Collars to replace the existing raised borders, which were put in 9 years ago. This time I have ordered twice as many though, as my plan is to replace the single level ones, I have, with a double layer. This is a much more cost effective way of buying a raised border. The Pallet Collars already come with metal corner pieces you can push into the ground, or are used to slot the collars together on top of each other.

When I bought my original ones in 2009 I didn’t treat them. In 2011, when the vegetable garden was changed, I did line the insides with some cut up plastic compost bags and staple gunned them in place, before topping up with soil. Considering I haven’t actually done a full soil/compost replacement in the last 9 years I’ve done pretty well. But they are now rotting, so whilst they were on offer I have ordered some new ones and will go about replacing them before winter.

I thought it might be interesting to link to one of my very first blog posts, which shows a picture of the garden when it was first installed. But first a reminder of what it looked like a few weeks ago.

Click link below to see 9 years’ ago!

And I’ve added a link to show how it looked before those 2011 renovations were done! Huge transformation.


  1. I envy you your greenhouse! We have built six 4ft x10ft beds in the garden from treated timber and posts (and now have replaced them all once), but I’d never heard of Pallet Collars. Must look that up, as it sounds a good idea. We take apart pallets and remake them into raised strawberry beds. What is the advantage of a double layer — depth, presumably? You have a good set-up there, productive and attractive at the same time.

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