Garden Diary – 1. My vegetable gardening history.

My very first posts on this blog were all about my vegetable garden. As time has gone on my creative crafting adventures have taken over the blog, but I would like to keep track of gardening, especially vegetable gardening, as well. So anything garden related will now be flagged as a ‘Garden Diary’ entry, so if you are just tuning in for crafting parts then you can skip the garden entries. I know lots of crafters also enjoy gardening though, so hopefully it can all live happily in the same website/blog.

Before moving to the Highlands of Scotland, I used to live in the north west of England on the Wirral Peninsula. My ex-husband and I used to love watching The Good Life and decided to dig up most of our backgarden and turn it into a vegetable plot.

When my current husband and I bought this house we didn’t do very much with the garden for a few years. Then in 2009 I started off with just 3 double height raised borders made from some pallet collars.

Pre-Work – it was like this from 2009

Then in 2011 with some money my grandad left me, I was able to draw up plans and make a proper vegetable garden area and install a greenhouse.

In the photo below you can see what I grew in the 6 borders over the last 10 years. This is handy for doing crop rotation.

10 year tracker of the 6 beds

During 2018 and 2019 I just grew Green Manure mix in some of the beds to give them a rest, but really the soil/compost needs to be replaced at the end of this season. 2.5 beds are now just for flowers, which rhubarb takes up the other 0.5.

In 2017 I had a fruit border added along the side of where the vegetable garden is. I transplanted my 3 x blueberry bushes that had been in pots, a jostaberry (cross between a gooseberry and blackcurrant), a juneberry (that died) and a couple of artichokes. We don’t eat the artichokes, just leave it as an ornamental (the one nearest the fence has since died. The only photo I can find has Ylva in it and a glimpse of this new border.

2017 new fruit border

So this will be the final summer with these old and falling apart raised borders. Once the season has passed then I will be able to replace them with the new pallet collars which I have painted and will be double height and will be filled with a mix of mostly compost with some top soil mixed in as well.

This is the latest photo I have taken of the garden. To the left of the greenhouse are 2 compost bins and to the right there are 2 water butts and a variety of pots are hidden. The blueberry bushes and jostaberry bush are now pretty big and have really filled out the fruit border. If you can see the post with a rope to the fence to the right of the lupins, that is a honeysuckle from my neighbour that I’m hoping I’ll be able to train down the rope and it will continue the ‘walled’ feeling.


  1. My husband wants a green house in the worst way! In fact we have 25 sliding glass doors he bought from a motel last fall that he hopes to convert into one. Right now we are using some of them for the sweet potato bed, hoping to get some extra heat on those vines. Your back yard garden setup is wonderful!

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  2. Amazed at everything we can grow in Scotland well here in New England my tomatoes are only 7 inches high, and I bought them as plants. Unfortunately I live on a golf course so there’s not a lot of space for a garden but I can live vicariously through yours I love the little blog on gardening

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