Garden Diary 2 – a closer look on midsummers day

As things are starting to get going in the greenhouse, I thought I’d share some snaps of the greenhouse on midsummer day.

*for my American readers courgette = zucchini, rocket = arugula

Now on to the rest of the vegetable garden.

Those rogue orange flowers!! I have never in my life bought either a yellow or an orange flowering plant. My colours are blues, pink, purple and white. These must have been mis-labelled in a pack of flower seeds!! I keep ripping them out and they just come back. Ah well, I suppose they are growing on me.


  1. Your rogue orange flower? Willing to bet it’s calendula. AKA Scottish marigold. Good for all sorts. I also found a volunteer in my garden last year, and the hearty soul managed to last all winter. Never discourage a volunteer!

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  2. Your greenhouse is wonderful! What are the dimensions? We are going to put up a green house, maybe this fall, if we can figure out how to use the materials we’ve scavenged. First I think we’ll need to take the sliding glass doors apart. They are double paned and extremely heavy. I love your garden layout too, it is beautiful as well as useful!

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    • Thanks very much. It is 8’ x 6’ and I manage to cram quite a bit in. My potting area is on an old computer test in there that has a couple of shelves. There is half a metal shelf wasted at the moment with a zillion pots which I will remove once I’ve potted the chilliest and peppers into their bigger pots. It gets very hot in there even with the automatic air vents. But we are still getting the odd very cold evening. I’ve never successfully grown courgette outside here, but did when I was in England and it was generally warmer all year.

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  3. It’s amazing how much you have gotten into such a small space you have used every inch of your garden and even managed to get some lawn. Very impressed

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    • Thank you. 😁. We actually have a big front garden and tons of grass everywhere that is such a pain to mow, I’ll do a tour of some of the other areas in a future post, but the veg garden gets 95% of my love and attention.

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