Year of Personal Projects July 2020 – June 2021

I wanted to continue with a list of Personal Projects, to work on during the same time period that the creative Year of Projects runs on my blog.

This will be my 2nd YOPP and sharing it here will hopefully keep me on track and add a bit of accountability. I will record my progress on the garden list in my Garden Diary posts, the others will come under Other News on my Sunday posts, or possibly have their own posts.

Home & Garden



  • New flooring in en-suite
  • Paint en-suite
  • Paint downstairs loo
  • Paint wall on stairs
  • Get a new kitchen…or at least a new sink and fix the tiling



  • Get tarmac around the drain repaired
  • Hang more hooks for tools
  • Touch up the chipped paint on the garage door



  • Replace the raised beds (6 x double height with new soil/compost)
  • Create a flower border and relocate lupins, columbine and everlasting sweet peas into it.
  • Clean & Paint fence
  • Weed front borders and re-define edges
  • Fix the overcrowding in the front long border
  • Sort out remaining wild strawberries
  • Relocate 3rd compost bin
  • Extend patio
  • Level off gravelled area
  • Trim the back patio’s conifers into Minions!
  • Get Eucalyptus tree cut down
  • Get other large trees reduced in size
  • Learn more about creating and keeping bonsais do keep current attempts alive!


Physical & Mental Health

  • Create a daily/weekly schedule to allow time for exercise, yoga, creative projects, gardening and household chores
  • Regular yoga routine at least 3 hours per week (1hr ⬆️ on last year)
  • Regular aerobic exercise
  • 10,000 steps a day on average for the week
  • Get back to healthy weight / BMI band
  • Read more by going to bed earlier


Key for tracking progress:

✳️ Started

✅ Achieved/Completed

❎ Dropped idea

➡️ Carried forward



  1. Well, you’re nothing if not ambitious! Good luck to you. But might I make a suggestion? There’s very little as liberating as giving yourself permission to read right smack in the middle of the day! it’s hard to read anything serious in bed, I find anyway.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I find no matter what time of day I read I get really sleepy. Even if I’ve woken up after a good 8 hours of sleep, if I start reading…whoosh I’m back to sleep. Even when I tried to read my book on weaving I was realising my eyes were closed…if only that would happen on long flights I’ve taken 😂 but I will give it another go.


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