Garden Diary 3

Well it is nearly 3 weeks since my last entry, so a good time to add some photos of the garden now, to show what has progressed.

You may have noticed above that there are some unknown seeds…this week I transplanted them from their pots to a raised border. They could be flowers, I just don’t remember! My memory is shocking!

The chinese seaweed kale is absolutely delicious, drizzled with olive oil, rock salt and baked at 160⁰C until it goes crispy. We’ve just been snapping off sections rather than cutting whole plant and that is working well it seems. I added some to stir fry yesterday, but it is better baked and crispy. Nom nom nom!

I’ve included some other views of the fenced area of the garden.

The curly hazel/cobnut was repotted recently and has some new growth already, we have a few pots scattered around with shrubs and perennial flowers. The metal containers have night scented stock flowers.

I am going to try some topiary and trim the conifers into Minions…well that’s the plan.

Finally I just wanted to show how my bonsai are doing. Not too much to show really as its early days and these will be a long term/lifetime project.


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