Garden Diary 4 – mystery seeds and meal suggestion

I found the seed packet for the seeds I’d planted and hadn’t labelled.

Monarda Bergamot aka Bee Balm Bergamot

It turns out they’re a perennial flower so they’ve been dug up from the raised border and moved around the garden, mostly in my bee garden area. In soil and in some pots. It says unlikely to flower in their first year, which is probably why I was so confused about what they were. Even my plant app thought they may be radish seedlings, so it wasn’t just me that was confused 🤷‍♀️

I also planted a fresh batch of lettuce leaf seeds and some more of the Chinese Seaweed Kale seeds. It is soooo delicious. I have never been a fan of kale, but this one drizzled with sesame oil and rock salt and baked for a little at 160°C until crispy it is soo delicious.

Chinese Seaweed Kale

This week we had a vegetarian pulled pork bao bun kit that it went so well with. We also had some with teriyaki salmon and sticky rice with stir fry veg that I make about once a week. Well actually I think during lockdown there’s only 1 week we missed.

For those in the UK, we started off buying from Tesco the Itsu Teriyaki kits, some salmon fillets and veg to stir fry. Now we have big bottles of teriyaki sauce, sesame oil, toast our own sesame seeds and cashew nuts and just buy packets of sticky rice ready made, the salmon and soon we will have home grown pak choi and peas. It saves quite a bit of money. Making our own sticky rice would save more, but defeat the object of this being a quick meal. The salmon takes 4 mins on the George Forman Grill, so it is a delicious meal in less than 10 mins…so even quicker to make than pizza, which used to be our quick meal of the week.

I’m technically a pescatarian, but most days I eat vegan, some days vegetarian and once a week fish. I haven’t eaten any meat for 31 years…well except about 10 years ago an unfortunate incident in a restaurant where I ate smoked frogs legs pâté! It was an amuse-bouche (item not ordered but sent from the chef) and the waitress wouldn’t tell us what it was and my family tried it and said it was smoked trout pâté, so I ate it! When she cleared our plates she told us what it really was. To make me feel better my mum said that frogs were nearly fish…they breed in water. I’m still pretty grossed out about it after all this time.


  1. I’ve tried to grow monarda, but failed in the past, so you give me hope. We have tons of curly kale in the garden at the moment, and it does well de-ribbed, shredded and stir fried. As for that amuse-bouche — no restaurant would do that these days, surely? What if the customer were allergic to an ingredient? Anaphylactic shock doesn’t look good on Trip Advisor…

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    • I agree, it’s one thing trying to expand someone’s taste for something they may not be willing to try, but another to trick someone into eating something they medically, ethically or religious reason shouldn’t eat.


  2. oooh, you have a bee garden? (autocorrector wanted to put beer!) Love that! I put lavender in pots outside my front door which is on a very trafficked road, and still the bees do come. Have you got plans to put a bee-hive at all? When I was living in fife and had a garden I had such thoughts, but my neighbours were too close – consdiering that they had been complaining about my grass at the edge of the garden being to tall (to be bee friendly!) and that I had to strip it down otherwise it would spill into their garden and their dogs would eat it and be sick (VERY hard to believe), I thought a bee-hive was a non starter…

    So you grow cashew nuts too?

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    • Hahaha no I wish I grew cashew nuts. Top trick for buying them though is not to buy them from the nut section of the supermarket, but buy them in the world food section where they are way cheaper! Same supermarket! The bee area has a bee loving seed mix in the soil and in some pots and also when the 2 lavender in pots open I’ll locate them there. My husband is afraid of wasps and bees so we won’t be getting a hive and why most of the flowers are all grouped in one section. We do leave our lawn to fill with clover flowers, buttercups and those purple weeds they like and don’t cut it as often. I don’t care if my neighbours don’t like it, I’m more interested in feeding the bees. 🐝

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      • oh, yes I read up a bit, and no, I’d say Scotland isn’t the best clilate for cashew trees, lol – perhaps for my aunt who lives in Florida…

        Thanks for the buying tip!

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  3. My red bee balm did not survive a recent transplanting this year. It was so pretty, and like you, I put it near other bee and butterfly friendly plantings.
    Can I just say, as a lover of frogs, that would be the equivalent of eating my young!

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