YOP10 Week 21/52 – Not a lot of crafting


We were away this week, staying in a holiday cottage in one of the most North Westerly settlements in Scotland. North of our cottage on the west coast was only a dozen more houses dotted around and beyond that is Cape Wrath (an area used by the Forces for bombing practice)! Truly remote.

In the wee holiday cottage we could only have either the big light on or bring a bedside lamp in and have that, we chose the latter and that meant it was a bit dark for knitting. I tried doing the toe decreases on a pair of socks and miscounted and had 33 stitches on one side and 31 on the other so in the mornings I tried tinking back and finally managed to complete it. They aren’t a perfect pair because this was leftover yarn from another pair, but they are almost identical. It is the Hermione’s Everyday Sock pattern except no textured purl pattern and the yarn is West Yorkshire Spinners in Wood Pigeon.

The only thing I managed to do was a couple of dishcloths!

We did stop at a wee craft shop that was selling some of Helen’s yarn ‘Ripples Crafts Reliable Sock Yarn’, which I have used before. She’s an indie dyer on the north west coast and the colour is gorgeous.

The colour isn’t quite right on this photo…it is even prettier.

Other News

Well as I said we have been away and it is my plan to do a post about our trip. The cottage had WiFi slower than the old dial up so unusable, as web pages just timed out. The best signal we could find was either outside The Old School House restaurant, where we bought cake from most days, or in a parking lay-by where you could look out for otters and it had 4G signal. We had a real mix of weather, sun, strong winds, lots of rain and even some hail-ish sleet/snow.

I had a week without Instagram so maybe I’m cured from checking it daily?!

This is a Year of Projects post. Officially the Group is in its 10th year, but this is my 3rd year participating. If you would like to find more about the Year of Projects Group on Ravelry.


  1. I know exactly where you were, you lucky gal. Being outside the Net is a relief in a lot of ways, so perhaps you’ll be more selective in your IG use? (Well, that’s how it worked for me — for a while anyway!) Habits are hard to break. Lovely socks.

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    • Last night we came back and I unsubscribed from some emails, unfollowed a few on Instagram but still follow nearly 200 and unfollowed some groups on Facebook but have stayed in them so when I’m looking for inspiration or advice on weaving they are there. I’d prefer spending my time on my iPad reading friends blogs. 😀

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  2. What a lovely holiday. I don’t think I would mind not having Wifi but not being able to make a phone call would probably make me a bit crazy. Your skein of yarn is so pretty. If that photo doesn’t do it justice I can only imagine how gorgeous it is in person.

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  3. Having spent a holiday week in Scotland during winter, I get a good picture of what your week in the cottage was like. My experience helped me understand why Scots men like to drink single malt.

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  4. I like that Hermione Everyday pattern as well and it’s the pattern I’m planning to use on my next pair of socks. I too like to buy yarn when traveling as a reminder of the trip. Wow, you do have a lot of Instagram and Facebook following!! I tend to join and drop. If there are lots of posts I just get ovewhelmed. I don’t need to see 100 pairs of socks a day.

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  5. Your holiday sounds lovely.I’m obsessed with Paul Murton’s travel series through the Hebrides and the Scottish Lochs so I’m imagining your gorgeous views. Never mind the lack of crafting and internet. You were actually LIVING! But that sock yarn is scrumptious, I must say.

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