Happy 10th Blogging Anniversary to me!

At the end of January I noticed that Alissa from Headknits blog posted about her 4th Anniversary in blogging. I wondered when I started blogging and it was 10 years ago!

My blog started off as mostly vegetable garden posts. My very first post is a hand drawn plan of how I wanted to turn a patch of grass into a vegetable garden with greenhouse.

Over the years my blog evolved into a place to put thoughts, travel photos and some details, photos of paintings I made or photographs that had done well in competitions.

Then I took a 12 month sabbatical from work and it evolved into mostly a blog about my crafting, but there are still some holiday posts and some gardening posts that’s appear. It has also become a website with a blog section, as I now sell some of my felted item.

I have met some truly wonderful people by having this blog. I am so grateful to have their blogs to read, our Blogville weekly knitting group Skype calls and their friendship. These last 12 months they have got me through this pandemic and other world events in one piece!


  1. The blog universe is such a great place. I am so glad I met you through blogging. Many have told me blogging is passe, but I ignore them. Where else would we be able to meet and greet others from around the world. I know I certainly could not afford to travel to all the places where my blog buddies live. How about you?

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  2. Congrats on 10 years of blogging, Liz! I am glad to have gotten to know you and many others from many parts of the world over my years of blogging. And see all the wonderful creations that people, such as yourself make that I’d never have been exposed to otherwise. You are a most interesting multi-talented blogger to follow. 🙂


  3. I have been blogging for more than 10 but my first (and now archived) blog was Fashion Show editorials. I went to 9 seasons of Fashion week in New York, Miami and Paris. I ran 4 cameras sometimes. It was fast, fun and ultimately totally boring. Besides all the blisters I got from standing in line for seats at the shows. I met the whole cast of characters in fashion and decided it was…eh. So then after I made my daughter’s wedding dress by hand, took me 6 months, the hand beading was the longest, I returned to knitting. I have knitted since 7th grade (not consistently) and really took it up after giving birth to my 6th child. Now I just knit, almost to a fault. I never don’t have a project going, usually 3. And grandchildren as they came have giving me a great excuse. But I’m getting to the point, again when the blogging seems like work and may only check in occasionally. I so enjoy my Monday mornings reading others blogs so that won’t change. Like you, I have made friends all over the world. Yours is especially nice as you live in Scotland which I dream about visiting one day. So thank you for writing.


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