Garden Diary 8 – early July


The pak choi have been lovely but I have only one left and need to plant some more seeds to squeeze more into this year. The successional planting of cut and grow again lettuce and baby kale has been working well and we have a regular supply of leaves. I have 3 cucumber plants and they are growing ginormous cucumbers. As there is only me that likes them I am eating a lot! No sign of any female flowers on my squash but the courgette in the greenhouse has already supplied quite a few.

Raised beds

  • Beetroots are the largest I have ever grown and it’s still early season so they are doing well.
  • The birds have ruined my mangetout and pea plants.
  • The chinese seaweed kale had self sown itself last year and is totally delicious baked with sesame oil and sea salt.
  • The broccoli won’t be ready until next year.
  • The carrots seem to be doing well and I should probably plant another row.
  • The flowers haven’t opened yet.
  • Again no sign if female flowers on the squash but we have had some courgettes.

Pots and containers

Well last years teeny tiny potatoes that I must have missed last year are coming up in the bag where I’d thought I could sneak a crop of sweet pea flowers. Doh!


  1. I’m so jealous about your cucumbers. I get tons of flowers and little babies, but then something gets them. The vines are starting to grow over the pea trellis and up the walls, so maybe I’ll get some that way. Your garden is looking great!

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