Garden Diary 9 – late July

This post is a photo record and some notes for myself.


I gave one cucumber plant to a neighbour and keep giving away cucumbers and still can’t keep up, I need to buy a smaller variety next year and not have 3 plants.

No ripe tomatoes yet. Baked potato squash is doing well so far. Courgette isn’t doing as well as the one in the raised bed but we have eaten a lot from it.

Raised beds

Mangetout were ready from ~24th July. We have eaten 2 beetroots so far (raw and grated with carrot). Lots of seaweed kale has been eaten but its huge. Dozens of courgettes have been eaten. Cosmos flowered ~25th July.

Pots and containers

Sparrows keep eating the peas in the pots. The lupins and columbine are pretty much finished now. A bigger gap between the last 2 lettuce plantings would be better as I have too many ready now. (2 outside and 2 inside gh pots).


First ripe blueberries were eaten 24th July.


  1. You certainly have a green thumb! I can’t believe how much you grow! I planted 6 blueberry bushes (2 different varieties) and tried to net them, they tried to grow through the nets and a certain chipmunk 🐿 kept stealing them anyway so I removed the nets and won’t get much this 1st year. I will have our carpenter built something permanent over them in the fall to keep the vermin away for next year. We have drip irrigation along the row but I think they need more water. I’ve been so focused on my 50 (yes!) hydrangea plants that the blueberries didn’t get my attention as they should. I’m so impressed with your vegetables!


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