Garden Diary 10 – Early August…first carrot

This post is a photo record and some notes for myself.


  • The cucumbers have slowed down now, with the nights being colder I don’t think there’ll be many more that ripen.
  • Courgette plants are still going strong.
  • Tomatoes still haven’t ripened yet.
  • Squash is still growing!

Raised beds

My first carrot has been dug up. Looks pretty perfect, hoping its tasty. The claret mangetout turn your plate bright purple! This is the last of the first row of beetroots, smaller than the others. There’s also one I forgot to thin out.

  • Broccoli leaves are ginormous, I have snapped some off. Cabbage white caterpillars are coming and munching some.
  • Squash is 99% leaves and only one tiny fruit I doubt will ripen so the one in the greenhouse has done better.
  • Courgette outside has been more productive than the ones in pots in and outside the greenhouse.
  • Carrots are ready now.
  • Beetroot and mangetout are doing well and give pink stir fry. Some mangetout grew too big so we ate their peas

Pots and containers

I have cut back lupin and Columbine stalks.

The lettuces on the fence are working as good if not better than the greenhouse, so think next year in the summer they will just be on the fence.

The sparrows have stopped the pea bushes being very big but the peas are nice. Only ripened this week.


Hardly any jostaberries so we are just eating them with the blueberries and strawberries for breakfast.


  1. It’s finally raining here. Can’t believe I’m saying that, and do hope it remembers to stop… Your garden is looking very good. Our sparrows also eat our pea shoots, so this year we netted them with excellent results so far with the sugar snaps. Didn’t try lettuce — too hot and no space, but yours are looking good. Am thinking about a squash of some sort in the new greenhouse next year, so it’s interesting to see how you are coming along. Zillions of courgettes! 😆

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    • The lettuce doing best is facing north, so only gets sun in the late afternoon and it seems to like being shaded. It was supposed to rain today but nothing yet but its humid which is rare here.


  2. It looks as though you’re having a really successful year in the garden, I love those mange tout! I struggled to get seeds to germinate this year so variety has been thin on the ground, but what has got underway has been very productive. I’m having to give courgettes away to everyone I know!

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    • I pick the courgettes when they are really small because there are so many. They keep a bit of crunch to them when stir fried and have been lovely so I think next year I will so the same and have lots of plants and pick them when small.


  3. Your pictures are wonderful and your produce from your garden is beautiful. Downright enviable. I’d never heard the term mangetout so I looked it up, and then looked up how to pronounce it. 🙂 Tickled that not only did I learn a new word, but I’ve eaten plenty of mangetout.

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  4. Such a wonderful productive little garden. I’m jealous of your blueberries as I only had a dozen or so. I took the netting off as it was hampering their growth. Then I wrapped it in a sort of fence around them. It’s not birds, it’s chipmunks after them here. Also am setting the sprinklers on them as the drip water isn’t enough. Next year will be better & I’ll have a more permanent “cage” around them. But your garden is amazing and I’m so impressed.

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