SUPer afternoon

Yesterday afternoon I spent the longest time (so far) on my stand up paddleboard (SUP). What a great afternoon I had.

The autumn colours are on their way and I stopped to take a pic of the road to the Loch. The purple heather in the carpark area is coming out but I forgot to take a photo.

I’m pretty quick at setting up and with 17⁰C-20⁰C being expected I wore my summer shortie wetsuit. There were girls in bikini tops and shorts it felt so warm.

I was in the water by 1.30pm and the sun had burned away the morning cloud cover.

I went round the Loch clockwise for a change. (I am not sure why the app keeps capitalising the word Loch but I am fed up changing it back lol). With the sun shining it was easier to see some of the tall plants growing beneath the water, but difficult to photograph.

Calm water

I almost forgot to set my Strava tracking, so it looks a bit odd me starting already in the water. Then I forgot to stop it so it has some walking about on it too. But still it shows where I went.

Distance 4.1 miles

I’m used to miles so it’s a bit annoying that it measures in km! My fastest section I was doing 4.2mph but there was quite a lot of just bobbing about whilst helping my friend, so the average speed looks low.

At 3pm the wind picked up a bit and with my friend we did a shorter loop and I switched to kayak mode for the smaller circuit. It is brilliant having the option to easily switch to it being a kayak, standing up your body acts as a sail so sitting definitely helps when its breezy.

If you are tempted to get a SUP then I would definitely recommend one with a kayak seat. It just slots under the bungy cords at the front when you are in SUP mode. I don’t have to carry a full separate kayak paddle as mine has an interchangeable end, so you just swap a handle with another paddle end.


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