YOP11 Week 20/52 – A week of firsts! Inkle Loom, Dorset Buttons and Pockets


One of our Guild members was selling some items, including a small Ashford Inklette Loom.

Do I need a new hobby?  Do I need a new distraction from making stock for the shop?  Nope!  Did I buy it?  Of course 🤣😂


I finished the bottom of my jumper and have finished my first knitted pockets!  So now there’s lots of stocking stitch of the body.

I also cast on a new project.  This is the Versa Cowl which is designed for Malabrigo Rios yarn so I’m using up the leftovers of this yarn.  There isn’t a contrast between the colour tones but I don’t mind.  It’s coming out in a pretty pattern in colours I love.


So back to my Inklette…You can hopefully see on the last photo that my tension and edges are getting better.  This sort of loom gives you a warp faced woven item (the vertical threads showing).  It is for making straps or belts or even some flat laces. 

I am using some Sirdar Cotton Prints DK mercerised cotton for the warp and some Hobbii Rainbow 8/4 cotton in a grey I probably wouldn’t use for tea towels.  You can do patterns but for this first attempt I’m just doing a plain weave whilst I get the hang of it.  Still some improvement to make but I have plenty of length to practice.

On Saturday’s Guild zoom meeting we learned how to make Dorset Buttons from Tania at TJ Frog.  I had pre-ordered 2 kits (Red, white, green & gold and Red & gold).

Other News

Still no date yet for our kitchen installation, which means our spare room is piled high with furniture and all sorts from the kitchen, dining room and sunroom.

I have relocated a bookcase to the craft room and filled it!  I turned my Kallax unit 90⁰ and the new bookcase fit perfectly next to it.  I really must stop buying any more fibre or yarn though and get using it!

I also switched around some lamps and moved some pictures so the lamp really highlights my Highland Cow I felted a few years ago.

My great plans of either dyeing or felting went out of the window as I was doing more packing and trying to remove tiles which is a disaster.  They may as well have been super glued on they are so well stuck.  We are going to need some replastering done too.  Roll on Spring when it will hopefully all be finished. 

This is a Year of Projects post.  Officially the Group is in its 11th year, but this is my 4th year participating.  If you would like to find more about the Year of Projects Group on Ravelry.


  1. There’s so much going on here, I’m in awe of your productivity! I’ve always wondered what I’d do with Dorset buttons and so I’ve always ignored them, but they are absolutely beautiful and such a good idea. I think one of those kits will soon be heading my way! I love the colours on the cowl, that yarn works really well. And of course you had to buy the loom, you’ve got all that fibre and yarn to use up!

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    • It’s funny I’ve seen The buttons and kits at Loch Ness Knit Fest and other fibre festivals and they didn’t appeal, I couldn’t work out what I would do with them. You can make mini ones for earrings but I don’t wear jewellery. I find them really enjoyable to make though and these are Christmas colours so will be nice on the tree.


  2. I borrowed an Inklette from my Guild, and it’s wonderfully fun — narrow wares are very more-ish. If you haven’t discovered Susan Foulkes’ videos, I thoroughly recommend them for learning. Plus Anne Dixon’s Inkle Pattern Directory. But (also online) is the peerless Annie MacHale’s “In Celebration of Plain Weave” — comes in an e-book with clickable links. All of which will take your mind off your kitchen trials. Ravelry has a good inkle loom group, too. (I’ll stop now!) Oh, the Dorset buttons are fab — TJFrog is probably going to receive a flurry of orders.

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  3. Hmm, I see belts sold in the shop in your future. Absolutely love the colors of your cowl. They are indeed perfect. Loving the pockets on your sweater. Someday I will have to try. I’m always worried about them sagging so I’ll be interested in your experience. Love your yarn case but I’d be tempted to put in clear windows so you can see the yarns. Your Christmas buttons are beautiful (resisting new hobby – will I be able??) Looks like a cozy craft room. It would make me smile. Best wishes on your kitchen. Sooooo frustrating getting anything done.

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    • The buttons are a very portable project and not expensive. You can buy packs of curtain rings for a few pounds here and use some wool and they don’t need beads. We have issues with the sun fading things so that’s why my fibre and yarns are in purple boxes. Also they hide the mess, but the drawers are labelled.

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  4. Oh my goodness, so much to comment on. I love the highland cow, I don’t think I had seen it before. Your loom is cool, and I look forward to seeing what you make. The cowl looks wonderful, as do the buttons. You are a crafter extraordinaire.

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  5. A new loom and you ‘re already using it! Good for you…I would need a class and then some. Your sweater is lovely and the button are cute. Will they be Christmas ornaments? I love our felted Highland cow and is that a picture of you and you rhusband? Good looking couple and the white hat and coat is stunning. The Malibrigo Rios knit is stunning and is that a crocheted mosaic blanket Isee? Lovely projects and I hope your kitchen gets finished soon.

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    • Thanks Sam, yes they’ll be Christmas ornaments for the tree 😀. The photo is from our wedding in the Icehotel in Sweden. The blanket is my Havana mini version I made. Still one day would like to make a bigger version.


  6. WOW! I really love the dorset buttons. I’ve seen them in the past but they never even remotely appealed to me until you posted yours! Funny how that works out!

    Your cowl will match your wardrobe really well, and its really pretty!

    Rearranging the house: fun. Rearranging because the contractors can’t tell you when they can put your kitchen in: not fun. I hope things fall into place quickly!!

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  7. Kitchen remodels are hard. It kind of makes your entire life topsy-turvy. The little button kits turned out so cute. Your new cowl colors are really pretty. I am impressed with the knitted pocket in your new jumper. I love pockets in clothing but very few have them these days. Your inklette is very interesting. The weaving you have done on it looks pretty good to me. What a fun item to have.


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