Western Isles Holiday – Isle of Lewis – part 2 incl Isle of Harris

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  1. I’m really loving your travelogue! Is there a specific reason for the name for “sugar” kelp – is it actually sweet? I did a sampler of some regional gins last summer. It’s pretty amazing how many different flavors you can get from aging or the addition of herbs. This tour is exactly my kind of holiday. Cold, limited tourists, gorgeous landscapes!

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    • Saccharina latissima is the Latin name for sugar kelp. The name comes from when its dried it gives a powdery sweet powder. I don’t like gin personally but I love the bottles from the different Highland and Island distilleries and have a little collection to one day be lampshade stands.


  2. Wow what a beautiful place to explore and photograph. I’ve always wanted to go back to Scotland to explore more of its beautiful islands, but was always held back by the price of accommodation. They especially seems to reach unseen heights during the summer months. Thanks for sharing and have a good day ☺️ Aiva

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  3. Such beauty. Even the bogs have a personality. I cam only imagine their beauty when the Heather is in full bloom. It does look a bit too chilly to be going for a swim though.

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