Year of Projects 2018 – 2019

Wet felting

Needle felting


Commercial Fibre to Yarn
Raw Fibre to Yarn
Technique Learning
  • Master chain ply ✅ wk 12 (Himalayan blend chain ply nice and smooth at joints)
  • Create a fractal spun yarn ✅ wk 24
  • Create my own wool and silk blended spin ✅ wk 29
  • Spin some tweed yarn ✅ wk 29 attempt with silk flecks
  • Create an official (not accidental) art yarn


Natural Fibre and/or Homespun yarn

Commercial Undyed Yarn


  • Finish my Chimney Fire cardigan ✅ wk 14
  • Make the Void shawl with Rowan Lima yarn ❇️ (Started wk 26)
  • Make Elda cardigan ❇️ (Started wk 39)
  • Make something with purple and gold homespun yarn ✅ (Hitchhiker wk 11)
  • Make Lintilla scarf ✅ wk 24
  • Knit (or crochet) all the scraps of left over sock and sport weight wool. ❇️ wk 12 


I’ve realised crochet is not for me.
  • Make an octopus for a preemie (cotton and hook arrived wk 13)
  • Make a jellyfish for a preemie
  • Get to grips with UK -v- US terms!


  • Weave a practice scarf ✅ wk 42
  • Weave a double weave scarf ❇️ (started wk 43)
  • Weave a scarf with Ripples Crafts Peat and Rocks gradient set

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