Hello and welcome!

I’m Liz and I live with my husband and our elderly rescue dog in the Highlands of Scotland.

I have always been artistic and enjoyed art projects even as a small child collecting rocks to paint or sticking pasta onto cards. I was interested in photography and graphic design but those college courses were full and I was encouraged by my parents to do an Administration course, because “those skills would come in handy, no matter what I decided to then do”. This led me to working in an office from the age of 21 onwards.

In the early days I still had time to satisfy my artistic interest by taking watercolour, pottery, glass blowing and photography classes. But as I became more ambitious and more obsessed with work there seemed less free time.

Over the years my life became all about working hard in an office and saving up money for expensive holidays and worldwide travel. Working crazy hours, evenings, weekends for most of the year for a few weeks of travel. You will find, on my separate travel blog, some of the places that we travelled to and I loved those trips, but soon the trips weren’t enough to unwind from the stress I was under.

In early 2017 I had to re-evaluate my life decisions for my own mental health. If you are interested I wrote a blog post about how I was rescued by Scotland and crafting, since writing that post I resigned at the end of my sabbatical year and have been on an extended career break ever since.

My artistic side has now expanded to knitting and crochet, spinning, weaving, needle and wet felting. I still do the occasional pastel or watercolour painting, photography, wood carving and will have a go at anything crafty really! The Portfolio page on my website shows an eclectic showcase of my crafty endeavours.

It is amazing how sometimes life switches direction and priorities change…for me my priority is being happy with my husband, dog and craft making. I now make lampshades, ornaments and fairies for a local gallery and occasionally stock my Etsy shop with scarves and neckwarmers and will eventually put some lampshades on there as well. I take an active part on the committees of the local Feltmakers Group and Highland Guild of Weavers, Spinnners and Dyers and was involved with the local Camera Club for many years, so those administration skills do still come in handy!

So, thank you for your interest in my website and blog. If you have any queries or you are interested in purchasing something similar to something you have seen on my website then do get in touch as I can do some bespoke orders.



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