Year of Projects 2021 – 2022

This is the Group’s 11th Year (YOP11), but my 4th Year.

During the last 3 years I have deviated a lot from my original lists, so I thought for year 11 I would make a change to my starting list! I have some carried forward listed items to finish, but the new items are a little less specific and hopefully more achievable.

↪ carried over from a previous YOP year
✳️ started
✅ finished
🆕 added to list after week 1.

NB. There are links to the Ravelry pattern, yarn or project page.

Acquisitions/Stash Management

  • No new superwash sock yarns (My stash has enough to make socks for many years.)
  • Contain my stash! (Limit stash to only what will fit in existing containers (Kallax unit, fibre divider boxes and weaving shelves) and have no overflow containers or bags, only exception to be hand processed Shetland X fleece.)
  • Buy yarn for a larger Havana only once I have made space for it! This is hopefully going to keep me motivated to use existing stash for everything else.


  • Toy pattern (2nd Minion or Eeyore) ✅ 2nd Minion week 22
  • Reusable cotton face pads


  • Dye more of my existing fibre and fleece for lampshades.
  • Dye more locks for fairies’ hair
  • Dye another self striped sock yarn. ✅ Christmas green & red; mauve & pink and an attempt at blue week 22
  • 🆕 Dye silk scarves in stash ✳️ finished 1 in week 22,


  • ↪ Needle felted Ylva ✳️ Started YOP9!
  • ↪ Needle felted Highland Cow ✳️ Started YOP9!
  • Pictures and products to sell/gift/keep. ✳️ July – 21 fairies; October – 4 Tomte, autumn wreath, witch & pumpkin, 2 vegan fairies; November – 2 Tomte, 11 Fairies.
  • Make a handbag using the felting ball
  • Make plant pot covers

Fibre Prep

  • Finish washing BFL/Shetland X (from Katharine) ✳️ started washing and using it YOP 9.
  • Finish washing Shetland X (from Serena) ✳️ started washing week 1
  • Practice combing and carding ✳️ started combing week 10 and carding week 11.



  • Knit 3 garments using:
    • hand dyed BFL/silk Aran – 2nd Quick Sand by Heidi Kirrmaier with added short rows at back of neck ✅ started swatching week 5, started knitting week 7, finished week 8
    • New Lanark Aran – Warriston by Kate Davies. ✳ started week 19
    • a DK or Aran yarn from stash.
    • 🆕 Winding Down jumper by Heidi Kirrmaier in new (superwash 🤦🏼‍♀️ Malabrigo Rios) ✅ week 11, finished week 18


  • ↪ Finish or frog Cabriolet brioche scarf by Carolyn Bloom (yarn Cookston Crafts in Crathie (alpaca/merino/nylon) & Emerald (merino/silk/yak)) ✳️ Started YOP9 week 34!




Painting & Drawing

  • Do a new pastel drawing
  • Do a new watercolour painting


  • ↪ Make a project using denim from old jeans
  • Make a project bag with internal and/or external pockets
  • Make a garment.


  • Host a Guild Team for Tour de Fleece 2021 ✅ week 1. I dropped out of spinning but still led the team.
  • ↪ Finish spinning John Arbon Harvest Hues fibre (✳ Started YOP9!)
  • ↪ Finish spinning 25g breed project (✳️ Started YOP10)
  • ↪ Finish spinning BFL/seacell (YOP9) ✅ week 1
  • Baby camel and silk colour #4. ✳️ started week 14


  • Make fabric to sew at least one garment.
  • Make a selection of wide hand/dish towels:
    • Fibonacci pattern ✅ started week 4, finished week 17
    • Diamond stripe towels
  • Make a woven project using handspun yarns
  • 🆕 Make a band on inkle loom ✳️ started week 20.
  • 🆕 Make Dorset Buttons ✅ week 21


Have a 2nd lesson in wood turning.