YOP11 Week 40/52 – an FO and castonitis


I have ordered some additional cables and Lykke 5″ interchangeable needles in some duplicate sizes. I also ordered a needle holder as mine is falling apart. Oh and I ordered a matching large project bag. 🙈


I made a couple of cotton make-up pads from a free pattern from Hobbii with 2 strands of their grey 8/4 cotton. I’ll see how I like these 2 before deciding if I’ll make more. I don’t actually wear make up but occasionally use a toner. That’s all my crochet items ticked off on my YOP11 list. My YOP12 list will have a larger Havana blanket.


I’ve done a separate post about the finished Midtown Magic shawl, but here’s a photo.

My husband went into the office on Wednesday and I was full of plans to clean the carpets or wash the windows or finally do some felting but I’m still coughing and tire quickly so after I blocked my Midtown Magic shawl (that I finished on Tuesday) I cast on two new projects.

I did a pathetic attempt at a swatch for my Ship Shape jumper by Heidi Kirrmaier in Drops Belle yarn. My tension/gauge on swatches -v- actual projects varies so much I don’t know why I bother. I’m going to just see how it goes, so far so good in the 2 shoulder bits. They need steam ironing before I can proceed.

I also cast on Nightshift by Andrea Mowry. My first time knitting one of her patterns.

I’m using various bits of handspun from my stash so won’t be strictly keeping to colour repeats etc. It doesn’t have a huge amount of colour contrast because a lot of my spinning is similar colours. Some of my handspun has also been dyed by me as well. The yarns are all a bit uneven as some of these were very early attempts but the project is forgiving. Its extremely addictive and I’ve made some mistakes but living with them. So far it contains 3 sheep breeds, baby camel, silk and some trilobal nylon.


Does anyone know of a good free pattern or YouTube tutorial for making large drawstring project bags? When I made my last one I just made it up and it’s not ideal.

I hoped to write about some spinning and weaving too…but this shawl is just so addictive it’s got all my attention and so maybe next week I’ll manage to spin or weave a little.

Other News

The weather has been a little crazy this week. Sunday I got a little pink sitting outside for 30 mins and on Wednesday woke up to dusting of snow.

If you are interested, and haven’t already seen, there are 3 posts this week with lots of photos and some information on the Isles of Lewis, Harris and Great Bernera that we visited. Post 1, post 2 and post 3.

There’s just so many things I want to get done, plus some chores to squeeze in too. I’m going to pace myself and try not to overdo things until I’m feeling 100%.

This is a Year of Projects post.  Officially the Group is in its 11th year, but this is my 4th year participating.  If you would like to find more about the Year of Projects Group on Ravelry.  Year 11 list.


  1. You could take an old project bag and rip it apart, using the pieces as a pattern. If you have one you’re willing to do that with, that is. I like the toner pads. I might just knit little square ones since I don’t like to crochet.

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    • The only big one I have is the one I made and that wasn’t great. Mine are mostly shawl size so too small and too nice to pull apart. It’s the sewing order I’m in need of as well. I’ll keep searching YouTube

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  2. How large of a drawstring bag were you thinking? I have a few that I’ve made by sizing up a smaller bag with pretty good results.

    Getting over an illness that knocks you into bed for multiple days takes a LONG time to bounce back from! Keep being gentle with yourself.

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  3. Your shipshape jumper is going to be so pretty. I like the colors you have chosen for it. Nightshift is looking fabulous. Being able to use up your leftovers of your handspun is so exciting. I think there is plenty of color contrast in it. Take care of yourself.

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  4. Take it easy and rest when you need too. I just had a cold and not covid but I find I am still needing naps and long sleeps in the night. I love your finished shawl. The colours are amazing. Your little striped swatch looks like a gnome hat! Maybe I have gnomes on the brain. Take care.

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  5. Your asking about a pattern reminds me that a “to do” I have when I get back home is to make up project bags from the pile of fabric I bought last year. I too don’t really remember how I made the first ones I have so I need to figure out the pattern. I love the Shipshape pattern and already have the yarn to make one. Another project for my 5 year plan.

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  6. I have a couple I’d suggest – are you looking for one with a square bottom that sits up? Or one that just has 2 flat pieces sewn together with a pocket inside? What beautiful colors you’re using for Nightshift – that is going to be AMAZING!

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    • It’s a good way of seeing how my spinning has improved, I’m now knitting with some made a few months after I started and oh my calling it art yarn would be too polite about how uneven it is. Haha


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