Other Felted Items

As I have created a page to demonstrate some of the lampshades, scarves and fairies I have made, I thought I would have one more page showing a selection of other items I have made using either wet felting, needle felting or a combination of the two.  Ok, I’ll admit it, a wee yoga lady has crept in…not officially a fairy though.

The baubles are made using a UK Shetland wool base that I needle felt into a ball shape and then needle felt decoration using hand dyed wool that either I have dyed from locally sourced wool or comes from a lady in Aberdeenshire who sources, cleans, dyes and blends wool from her own and local sheep. They may also contain silk, especially the seascapes for the white of the sea foam.

The pictures also use a UK Shetland wool base that I decorate.

A selection of items are now available for sale in the Alchemist Gallery in Dingwall, in the Highlands of Scotland