Roxy the Sheep

Some of you may have bought a product, from either the Fuzzy Thistle shop in Strathpeffer or the Alchemist Gallery in Dingwall, that mentions it uses a fleece from a sheep called Roxie or Roxy, and have come to this page looking for more information.  If so, please check out this Blog Post which gives a photo and tells you a little more about her and some examples of the products made with her fleece. (Since posting and writing on the tags, I realise I spelt her name wrong, she’s actually Roxy not Roxie and in 2020 has had 2 lambs!)  She lives on Achpopuli Farm near Loch Ness.

All the needle felted sheep on the baubles, ornaments and Highland Landscape lampshades have been made using Roxy’s fleece for the white of the sheep.

Roxy the Sheep Blog Post