Roxy the Sheep

In September I bought a raw fleece from a sheep called Roxy.  She is a Blue Faced Leicester/Shetland cross breed sheep that lives on the hills above Loch Ness on Achpopuli Farm.

Here’s a photo of her.  Look at those long eye lashes.

© Katharine Sharp (used with her permission)

This was the first time that I had processed a raw fleece and it is quite hard work to get the lanolin out but avoid felting it at the wrong time.

Here are some photos of the processing and some of the fibre that I have dyed for future projects.

Perhaps you have bought a product made from Roxie’s fibre from the Fuzzy Thistle shop in Strathpeffer?

These balls were felted using Roxie’s fleece, a pair of tights and a washing machine and tumble dryer, then they were hand needle-felted into shape and then decorated with hand blended and in many cases hand dyed fibres.

Plus all the sheep on my lampshades are made using Roxie’s fleece.


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