YOP9 – Week 22/52



During the week I made a few things and dropped them off at the shop on Friday, along with a yoga fairy I’d forgotten to previously drop off.  On Black Friday I ordered lots more of the pre-felt you use in making lampshades, so next week I should be able to hopefully make 5 or 6 lampshades for the shop.
At felting group on Saturday I spent about 2.5 hours blending the dyed wool, from last week, on the drum carder.  So I now have a new batch of sky and grass blends, again for making more lampshades.  It is quite physically tiring making them, but these next ones will be extra special as they’ll contain even more of Roxy’s fibre that I took from raw fleece, cleaned, dyed and now blended.
In the afternoon I made some slippers.  They are still drying on the radiator at the moment, so I can’t tell you if they fit or not yet!  I used a mix of Corriedale, Icelandic and Merino wool, hopefully they’ll be okay.  Once they are dry I’ll get a photo of them on my feet.


I failed to finish my Christmas socks in time for entry into Amy Florence’s Festive Sockalong.  I was frantically knitting Smitten Mittens trying to get them all finished.  It’s 23:45 on the 30th as I write this and I’ve finished 23!!!  I will finish the last one tomorrow, string them up and get Allistar to pop chocolates in them for me.  They’ll hang in our sunroom, which gets no sun at this time of the year and is pretty cold, so hopefully the chocolates won’t melt.  Later this week I will do a separate post about them, each one is made from handspun and they have their own wee stories I’d like to capture whilst I remember.

I sewed the collar of my jumper down and as the bottom edge curling is driving me crazy I think I’ll have to sew that too.  It’s super warm and I didn’t notice it getting down to 15°C in the house when it was on.

Other News

I don’t think I really have much else to report.  It’s been a quiet week, where I’ve been trying not to let the grey foggy wet weather get me down.  In case you missed it, I did a separate post about Roxy the sheep, I felt she deserves her own post and page, in case anyone buying an item made of her wool would like more details.
This is a Year of Projects update.  If you would like to find out more about the Year of Projects Group on Ravelry, or you’d like to join in, please follow the link for details.  To read what the other members of the YOP Group have been getting up to please click on the latest weekly folder and follow the links to their blog posts.  This is a friendly group with a wide mix of skills and crafting interests.


  1. Those slippers look like they will be quite warm for the tootsies. Your yoga fairy is very cute. She is very different from your other ones. I like her. Hopefully some sunshine will come your way soon.

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  2. If you wear them wet they might stretch to your feet? Of course, you might catch a cold then too so not sure if that’s a good idea? They are gorgeous though! You have been busy with your felting….lovely items!

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  3. As a purple fan I love love love your opening picture – and then to see the slippers!!! swoon!!! Can’t wait to read your post on your mitts. I will hang mine today (I forgot to hang them yesterday…oops)

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