Year of Projects 2022 – 2023

This is the Group’s 12th Year (YOP12), but my 5th Year. You’ll notice a lot of ↪️ symbols…these are items I’ve carried forward from an earlier YOP year. One of my main aims this year is to complete/achieve all those carried forward items!

↪️ carried over from a previous YOP year
✳️ started
✅ finished
🆕 added to list after week 1
⁉️ fell at a hurdle but back on track
🐸 frogged/abandoned

NB. There are links to the Ravelry pattern, yarn or project page.

Acquisitions/Stash Management

  • ↪️No new superwash knitting yarns (My stash has enough to make socks for many years.) ⁉️ Q1 – I bought 2 skeins of sw DK BFL/Silk at Highland Meet the Makers and 1 skein of sw 4ply merino/silk to have a project to knit on in Wisconsin. Q2 – I bought a Zauberball in Copenhagen, but it’s for the Alaska hat I’d like to make.
  • ↪️Contain my stash! (Limit stash to only what will fit in existing containers (2 x Kallax unit, rainbow drawers and weaving shelves) and have no overflow containers or bags, only exception to be hand processed Shetland X fleece.). ⁉️ By week 18 this was a big fail, I have easily another drawer I could fill with new yarn I bought from New Lanark and in Copenhagen oops!
  • ↪️Buy yarn for a larger Havana only once I have made space for it! This is hopefully going to keep me motivated to use existing stash for everything else.


  • Havana blanket (once I have enough room in Kallax to store the yarn!)


  • ↪️ Dye more locks for fairies’ hair
  • Experiment with microwave dyeing


  • ↪️ Needle felted Ylva ✳️ (Started YOP9!)
  • ↪️ Needle felted Highland Cow ✳️ (Started YOP9!)
  • ↪️ Make a handbag using the felting ball ✳️ (Started YOP11 week 24 fibres weighed and test felt)
  • ↪️ Make plant pot covers
  • Pictures and products to sell/gift/keep. ✳️
    • Fairies – August x 1 (gift), October x 9
    • Lampshades 20cm – November x 7
    • Lampshades 25cm
    • Lampshades 35cm
    • Lampshades 40cm – August x 1
    • Tomte – October x 2, November x 7
    • Baubles – November x 7
    • Wreaths
    • Waste paper bin – August x 1

Fibre Prep

  • ↪️ Finish washing BFL/Shetland X (from Katharine) ✳️ started washing and using it YOP 9.
  • ↪️ Finish washing Shetland X (from Serena) ✳️ started washing YOP11 week 1
  • Practice combing wool fibre




  • Celtic Myths Shawl by Asita Krebs in Baa Ram Ewe Dovestone DK 🐸 started week 1 and frogged week 21. I’m going to weave with the yarn instead.
  • A summer weight shawl.
  • Frog any sock yarn shawls I don’t wear ✅ frogged Lintilla and a Hitchhiker week 6



  • Knit using existing stashed yarn or handspun only ❗️*oops I bought some new yarns:
    • 🆕️ March Hat by Meghan Babin using Juniper Moon Herriot alpaca yarn* ✅ started week 12, finished week 14.
    • 🆕 The Shift by Andrea Mowry using handspun, Border Leicester and Cochrane leftovers ✅ started week 7, finished week 20.
    • Alaska hat (if I find a non-superwash kit I like at Wisconsin Wool Festival). Update: I couldn’t find non-superwash so I am going to use a zauberball* and existing stash. ✳️ started week 21.
    • Design (for my own use only) a new pair of colourwork mitts using Hastings Mitts by Tracie Millar as a template and New Lanark DK yarn from Alissa.
    • A colour-work project using Black Isle yarns Gotland wool


Painting & Drawing

  • ↪️ Do a new watercolour painting
  • Do a new pastel drawing


  • 🆕 Juniper Bucket project bag ✅ week 16
  • ↪️ Make a project using denim from old jeans
  • Make trousers with fabric in stash
  • Make play suit/jumpsuit with fabric in stash
  • Make top (test version) with fabric in stash
  • Make actual top with handwoven cotton fabric I make
  • Make something else with handwoven wool fabric I make


  • ↪️ Baby camel and silk colour #4. (✅ started YOP11 week 14, finished YOP12 week 2)
  • ↪ BFL/Shetland Parma violets (✅ started YOP11 week 52, finished YOP12 week 2)
  • 🆕️ US Rambouillet 1️⃣✅ started week 13, finished week 15. 2️⃣✳️ started week 20.
  • ↪️ Finish spinning John Arbon Harvest Hues fibre (✅ Started YOP9! Finished YOP12 week 21!!)
  • ↪️ Finish spinning 25g breed project (✳️ Started YOP10)
  • 🆕️ Merino/silk/flax ✳ started week 3
  • Spin 2021 baby camel and silk advent fibres


Rigid heddle loom
  • Make a selection of wide hand/dish towels 1️⃣✅ started green hand towels week 2, finished week 3.
  • ↪️ Make a woven project using handspun yarns
  • ↪️ Make fabric to sew at least one garments.
  • Midnight Shawl by Kelly Casanova
Inkle loom
  • Make some inkle bands from the book my sister gave me for Christmas
  • Make a Minion inkle tablet weaving band
  • Try another tablet card weaving pattern.


Have a 3rd lesson in wood turning.