YOP12 Week 2/52 – Tour de Fleece and sleeve island


I ordered the Serena Sews book (written by last year’s Great British Sewing Bee winner) which has some handy tips and instructions in. The patterns in it are for much younger people, or people who live in warmer climates and are ok wearing backless outfits, that’s not me! I’m getting some good tips from it though, so I’m still happy I got it as a beginner at sewing.


I have started making some baubles for the shop. A little tip broke in one of the balls so I will have to keep that one just in case. The needle is well inside it but if a child mistook it for a toy and started throwing it around it could work it’s way out I assume and needle felting needles are very sharp with barbs on.

Next week I’ll make some more and some fairies for the shop. People have less money and the gallery has seen less sales at the higher price ranges, so I only sold one lampshade in June.


I’ve been on sleeve island this week. I started knitting them separately at first but then switched to two at a time. It is probably slower with moving the knitting along the cable but I don’t like to count row to get matching sleeves. The pattern has balloon sleeves but I’m knitting them without increases (or decreases). They are still quite loose sleeves. The bottom hem and the sleeve hem will be a tighter so that it is like a semi deflated balloon 😀.

This photo was taken earlier in the week, it should be finished next week 🤞🏻


Tour de fleece continues and I’ve been really enjoying dropping in to the Guild’s team’s zoom calls we have been having. They are either early afternoon or evening so that has been lovely to spin along with others when I’ve been able to make it.

My 300g of BFL/Shetland fibre in Parma Violet colourway is finished, although it still needs soaking and snapping to set it. I spun 326.5m of 2 ply aran weight yarn. For Christmas I’ll be asking for a larger sized flyer and bobbin which will allow me to ply 2 bobbins into larger sized skeins rather than having to make lots of smaller skeins. It’s a little toothy and I’m thinking of weaving with it.

My 209g of Baby Camel and Tussah Silk in purple and turquoise is finished and set. I spun 451.8m of DK weight 2 ply yarn. It’s so beautifully soft and pretty colours. The other 3 colours of baby camel and silk I’ve spun in the past has all been chain plied (3 ply). I am also thinking of weaving with this, seeing as I have 2 knitted shawls and a hat in the same fibre.


I have warped my 32″/80cm with some Lily’s Sugar’n Cream cotton to make some new hand towels. The warp is Emerald Energy colour and I will be using white for the weft.

Other News

Another week where housework went out of the window 😜.

The wind has been high all week so yet again no getting out on my SUP. I checked with the other members of the WhatsApp group I’m in and they’ve not been getting out either because of the wind. Hopefully it will eventually die down as it was early May the last time I managed to get out!

The vegetable garden seems to be a write off with the exception of peas which are not yet flowering but clinging on to the branches I am using as support and I have picked my first cucumber. I’ve bought some sushi rice and nori paper so I’m going to try some tuna and cucumber sushi this week! Well that’s the plan.

This is a Year of Projects post. Officially the Group is in its 12th year, but this is my 5th year participating. See our Year of Projects Group page on Ravelry for more information on how to join in or find out other participants. My Year 12 list.


  1. Such lovely spinning. I think the camel/silk is my favorite. But the color of the aran weight…..well, you know I love purples. Your sweater is fabulous. What a lovely color it is. Your weaving will be quite bright and cheerful. What a great way to brighten up a kitchen. Sorry to hear people have slowed down on making purchases there. We are seeing that here too. Prices are going up here at alarming rates. Especially food and fuel. Makes buying nonessentials seem hard to justify.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Beautiful colors in your handspun yarn. I think they would both be wonderful in a woven fabric. Hoping that your weather cooperates for some more adventures out on the water. (Laughing to myself at the thought of you and your brisk northern winds and backless garments toodling around, even in the depths of summer “heat”. Not exactly how I would wish to dress in your climate either.)

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Lovely yarns you’ve spun.The Emerald Energy is going to make some really pretty towels. Sorry you can’t get out on your SUP. I’ve been watching Poldark and I would give anything for weather like that! We are hot and sunny day after day until October….so boring! Your sweater is almost done! How exciting! Have a great week and I hope the wind dies down.


  4. Your weaving has got me all curious, can’t wait to see it finished. And your handspuns have me turning a beautiful shade of envy-green again 😉


  5. Your warp for your towel weave is really pretty! I think pairing that with white will look great!!

    Since you knit so fast, your sweater is practically done! Sometimes I only make 3/4 sleeves because I get tired of knitting sleeves.

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