Tour de Fleece progress

Today is day 7 of Tour de Fleece and here’s how I’ve got on so far.

Baby camel and tussah silk fibre from Coastal Colours. 210g spun into 455 metres of 2 ply DK yarn. Its hanging to dry at the moment. This was spun on my Ashford Traveller wheel.

Bluefaced Leicester/Shetland blend in Parma Violets colourway from Sky Blue Pink Designs. I have only spun 133g of the 300g I have, but have made 155m of 2 ply aran weight yarn.

I need to finish spinning the rest of the BFL/Shetland above and then make a start on my rolags which are part of my jumper quantity that needs finishing…not that it will necessarily make a jumper, there’s just enough to…if I wanted…when its finished! These are both being spun on my Ashford Traditional. Which does leave my Ashford Traveller free to spin something else.

Daily zoom meetings in the afternoon or evenings with the Guild’s team members are keeping me motivated, as are check-ins with Sarah and Alissa and the Corner of Knit and Tea team on Ravelry.


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