Year of Projects 2018 – 2019

This was my first Year of Projects, but officially in the Ravelry Group it was Year 8.  The year started at the beginning of July 2018 and ran for 52 weeks.  If you are interesting in finding out more about the final list, please see my round-up post with some notes against the projects.


Achieved this year
❇️ Started this year

*️⃣ Additional projects added to my list during the year
➡️ Carried forward to YOP year 9.

❗️ Removed from this years list, may reappear on a future list.

Wet felting

Needle felting


Commercial Fibre to Yarn
Raw Fibre to Yarn
Technique Learning
  • Master chain ply ✅ wk 12 (Himalayan blend chain ply nice and smooth at joints)
  • Create a fractal spun yarn ✅ wk 24
  • Create my own wool and silk blended spin ✅ wk 29
  • Spin some tweed yarn ✅ wk 29 attempt with silk flecks
  • Create an official (not accidental) art yarn ✅ wk 51


Natural Fibre and/or Homespun yarn

Commercial Undyed Yarn


  • Finish my Chimney Fire cardigan ✅ wk 14
  • Make the Void shawl with Rowan Lima yarn ❇️ (Started wk 26) ➡️
  • *️⃣ Make Elda cardigan ✅ wk 47 
  • *️⃣ Make Quick Sand cardigan ✅ wk 50
  • Make something with purple and gold homespun yarn ✅ (Hitchhiker wk 11)
  • *️⃣ Cheviot homedyed chunky yarn set ✅ wk 19
  • *️⃣ Make Lintilla scarf ✅ wk 24 
  • *️⃣ Hat for Allistar using Fractal homespun ✅ wk 26
  • *️⃣ Swirly swooshy hat ✅ wk 38
  • Knit (or crochet) all the scraps of left over sock and sport weight wool. ✅ wk 12  (Mitred squares for keeping stitch markers, glasses case, dog poop bag holder, started a northeast blanket, but doubt I’ll finish it.)
  • Make set with perpectual purple handspun ❗️


I’ve realised crochet is not for me.
  • Make an octopus for a preemie (cotton and hook arrived wk 13) ❗️
  • Make a jellyfish for a preemie ❗️
  • Get to grips with UK -v- US terms! ❗️


  • *️⃣ Weave a practice scarf ✅ wk 42 
  • *️⃣ Weave a double weave scarf ✅ wk 48 
  • *️⃣ Weave a scarf with Ripples Crafts Peat and Rocks gradient set ✅ wk 52

If you are interested in reading more about these projects, please check the round up post at the end of this Year of Projects, which has images and additional links to specific blog posts, ravelry project pages and more.

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