YOP8 – Week 38/52

I did a separate post this week regarding the Fair Isle course I did and purchases made at Dornoch Fibre fest.

We were making headbands, but I have sewn a long edge of mine and will felt the inside ends to use as a DPN project holder for the needles.  

This week we have had torrential rain every single day, so lots of knitting done.  I fancied a couple of chunky wool projects this week, so I made a Swirly Smooshy chunky beanie hat with a skein of Rowan Big Wool Colour.  When I posted this on Instagram someone mentioned it looking like smarties which it totally does!  (Chunky wool projects to make room in my stash for new yarn I bought lol.)

I learned how to do herringbone stitch and made a head warmer/neck warmer without a pattern.  I just cast on 18 stitches and worked the skein of yarn leaving just enough to sew it in the round.  I can honestly say I can’t imagine doing another project in herringbone stitch, its such an effort and as I was losing the will (and the tension) the little ‘V’s have started looking lopsided.  See on the right side how even they are and then on the left they get more and more uneven.  However, ooh this is by far the softest squishiest yarn I have ever used.  Softer than my cashmere gloves.  Its 70% baby alpaca and 30% merino.  Soft soft soft.


I bought a fair isle hat kit at Dornoch, so made a start on that and ooh its addictive.  My tension/gauge is quite a lot looser than my normal knitting so I think it will be a loose slouchy hat on me.  Its great for practicing holding the yarns in each hand.  I am holding main colour in right and throwing/English style knitting and the contrast colours in my left and picking/Continental style knitting.  Here’s how it looked Saturday before it got too dark.  I have my own sea glass stitch markers where each chart repeat starts.

On Saturday I attended a lampshade making course.  Now it isn’t dry yet, so obviously not able to line it and attach it to the frame, so there’ll be a separate post with more details and it ironed, trimmed and mounted on the lining/frame, but here’s a sneak peak.  Its supposed to look like choppy sea and a wave, but its looking darker as its still wet and hard to see the detail at the moment…in fact why am I including it!!!

I’ve printed the pattern for Elda, but still not cast it on yet, as I’m hooked on my fair isle hat.  Also haven’t finished my pink felted jacket yet.  I have bought a silk blouse on Ebay that’s 2 sizes larger than me and I plan to make another jacket, one that hopefully when felted/shrunk will be able to button close.


This week I started watching the ‘Knitting Vicariously’ podcast by Dunderknit on YouTube, she swears a bit and if that isn’t your thing it probably isn’t for you, but I like how she comes across.  

On dog walks I have been listening to the ‘Ologies’ podcast and as someone who didn’t enjoy science at school I am amazed how interesting and entertaining I am finding them.  She’s been recording episodes since 2017 every 2 weeks and is still recording them…there are a lot of ologies out there.  I started at the beginning with Volcanology and have listened to 7 episodes so far.  She interviews different ologists and inserts layman explanations which are super helpful.  She also swears so not really young child friendly, which is a shame as they are so educational but entertaining.  Anyway, thought I’d share it with you, as I got this recommendation from another blogger. 

If you are wondering what my husband’s hobbies are…watching sport is top of the list.  As I am writing this here he is watching football on his iPad whilst watching rugby on the TV!




  1. You have been super busy. I have just started a Sheep Heid hat but haven’t spent much time on it yet. I am a bit like your husband. I often watch two sports at once. I love rugby, cycling and cricket.

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  2. I am totally in LOVE with that chunky hat! I also like the herringbone piece, but I can imagine that this can be tedious and slow – this is why I did not seriously try it so far.

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  3. Loving the fair isle hat. It is beautiful and love the colors of it. I was able to see the wave in the lampshade. Looking forward to seeing it once it is all done, with a light under it. Your ology podcasts sound fascinating. I was not much for science in school but really enjoy it now. Go figure. Sports are placed on our TV quite a bit here too. My hubby is a sports nut as well. Your football is our soccer and I do enjoy watching it but more so in person than on a screen. Now, Rugby……….I love watching it but we seldom get it here in the states. That is one rough game and similar to our football yet, your rugby players do not wear any protective clothing like our football players do. Your guys are tough LOL!

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  4. Your fairisle projects are beautiful. Thank you for the heads up on the various podcasts as I am always up to find new ones to listen too. I don’t mind swearing (since I am a bit of a truck driver in that regards myself). My daughter played rugby for a few years. It is quite the sport!

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  5. As usual, your projects are fun AND beautiful, Liz. I’m looking forward to seeing the lamp shade finished. You are so creative! I checked out the ology website. I’m looking forward to listening to them. And watching some Alie Ward videos!

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  6. You seem to pack so much into your week Liz, that it is always a pleasure coming along to see what you’ve been up to. I can’t wait to see the lampshade and can get an impression of what the shade will look like! Love the fairisle and can’t wait to see more of that, fairisle attracts my attention a lot more than stranded colour work and I seem to love more of those projects than of the stranded.

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    • I don’t have a job, so other than chores (boooo) it’s time for crafting, some weeks my hubby has no shirts ironed and dinner is pizza 😂. There are very few of the fair isle/stranded jumpers out there that I like, possibly because I’m not keen on some colour combos used, plus a yoke pattern style isn’t for me. But definitely it’s a skill I want to know and I can see me making accessories, but I can’t see me making a jumper sized item.

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      • Like you I’m at home, I became a stay at home mom when I had my third I always felt it was more important to be at home raising the children but now they are at school for the mornings I find I have lots of making time and chores are over rated in my opinion lol. I agree on the colour combinations of some of the fairisle patterns being off putting. I think if I played around with the colours I’d make more of them but the skill is rusty and one I’d need to brush off. I’d like a vest to wear over a solid coloured long sleeve top lol.

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  7. I don’t have a job either…I’m retired but have a ‘too big’ house and yard and 2 elderly animals that keep me hopping! I try to squeeze in some kind of handwork each day though. I LOVE your fair isle! It’s on my list of new skills to learn although after my failure at the toe up socks I think I’ll stick with tried and true for now. Love all the yarns you got and what a beautiful and interesting town. I love the UK and it’s villages and scenery and walking trails….gorgeous!
    Love your cute hat…the colors are fabulous! Also, herringbone stitch…there’s another one to learn. Your Fair Isle hat is darling and look at you go! So pretty. The lampshade is amazing! I can definitely see the waves…you are so talented!
    Sorry to say I have not received the markers yet but I’m sure they’ll arrive sooner or later. I love sports too but mostly American football which is slow enough that I can do handwork and then look up at appropriate times! LOL! I like soccer too and basketball but they are so fast I would have to watch them and not do anything else.
    What a great week you had! And the hot chocolate….I’m drooling! Thank you for sharing it all with us!

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