YOP8 – Week 8/52

Having signed up to join in on the Year of Projects 2018 on Ravelry, I had forgotten all the rules and was creating things but not doing the weekly Sunday blog posts and sharing the link on the Ravelry group page.  So on Thursday I remembered to share the link…but now realise some of those things were done this week and not the week before!  Also I’ve commented about other people’s blogs on the group page, which I don’t think I am supposed to do.  So basically a total muddle. Hopefully the group members will forgive my blunderings.  🤞

It is interesting to see all the different projects people are working on, and how I am not alone in having lots of different types of projects on the go at the same time.

If you are interested to see what the Year of Projects on Ravelry is about click here.

So this week I also made the project bag and notions pouch and spun some Samoyed dog hair (as shown on my previous post)!  Both should have been on my projects list as I was expecting the dog hair and had the material to make the project bag!!  Hopeless!

I also finished spinning the ethereal ether fibre from Gilliangladrag…I was going to post a poll on my HighlandHeffalump Facebook page, but see (below) what Facebook said about it!  The poll was going to ask if people thought I should over dye it with a brighter colour!!!  Seeing as Facebook thinks its a nude body I decided to definitely dye it with some deeper colours!


Suspect the position of my finger didn’t help matters! 🤣

I did dye a previous batch of this when it was spun, as I thought the colour definitions had been lost and I love the wee drink cosy I made from that batch, so tried to replicate that again.  Its a shame to dye what started off as such pretty colours, but this fibre is better suited to wet or needle felting I think…or a method of spinning that maintains the colours better.

I have kept aside a small amount unspun in case I ever make a unicorn, as the colours would be great for a pastel rainbow mane and tail…but what I have spun I used as more dyeing practice using hot pink, Ice and Opal mixed in different quantities, and carefully applied with a pipette to get lots of variation, only to discover it was all pooling together underneath the yarn, so has ended up with less tonal changes than planned…it is also spookily similar to our bedding colour!  I am such a purple addict!!!

Talking of purple, I had a go at felting a lightweight scarf using merino, silk and some locks…of course its purple!  The next one I make I will only have the locks on one side, as they are a bit scratchy on my neck.

No new knitting or crocheting is allowed until my Chimney Fire cardigan is finished! It must be finished by the time it gets to winter.  Although saying that we are off to the Orkney Isles for a week camping in a tent and I won’t want to take that, so maybe I can let myself do another shawl with some homespun that week.

To help keep track of my YOP list I have created a separate page with the list, so I can tick things off when completed and add links to the separate posts.

So fellow YOPers please forgive my faulty start 🙄


  1. We have very few rules here! You do whatever you are happy with. I love your spinning. I thought the response from Facebook was hysterical – made my day!


  2. My sister posted a picture of a dining room table and chairs and she got the response that it didn’t meet facebook standards. lol. I love your fibre and pics. Keep em coming one way or the other. i love your participation and don’t mind the muddly bits at all. it makes me feel better about my disorganized moments!


  3. I think the YOP “rules” are definitely in quotation marks. What a lovely variety of projects you have. The felted scarf is particularly striking! Can’t wait to see what else you get up to.


  4. We’re all over the map with our projects and our updates, so not to worry!

    Funny about the Facebook nudity. How crazy is that?!

    The purples are all very rich and royal looking. As a kid purple was my very favourite colour!


  5. I’m cracking up imagining how FB saw your spun yarn as not meeting their standards regarding nudity. lol I’ll just leave it at that.

    And I’ve just gotta say… I love the felted scarf! It’s so unique and fun looking.


  6. I have to wonder what in the world that facebook thought it was! ..lol
    Camping in the Orkney Isle sounds wonderful, the tent not so much, unless there is some really good cushions. It’s been a while since we camped but when our daughter was younger we did went a lot and I had a set of camping projects.
    I don’t think there is a right way or a wrong way to Yop and we are so glad to have you joins us!


    • Thanks Allison. We have an electric pitch and taking a heater and extra blankets as it will be pretty cold up there. Already packed thermals oh and hat, scarf and gloves (all homemade by me). Fingers crossed we don’t get blown away!


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