YOP8 – Weeks 9 and 10/52

Not much done…in fact nothing on my YOP list, but I have expanded my stash, which was definitely not on my ‘to do list’ oops!

But whilst in Orkney for a week, you HAVE to buy some wool from the rare North Ronaldsay sheep, which eat the seaweed on the coast of North Ronaldsay and Isle of Auskerry, which are the only 2 places they live.  So when I say ‘some wool’, what I mean is…

  • Enough undyed wool to knit a jumper (6 balls in Seal Grey and 1 in Slate Grey)
  • Enough dyed wool to add some interest to the jumper or for accessories
  • Enough fibre (in 3 different natural colours) to spin goodness knows how much more yarn
Oh and…
  • some silk hankies and silk in colours that will go on the scarf I am going to make for my sister’s 50th birthday (hand dyed on Orkney)
  • And while I’m at it I may as well buy 200g of sari silk because it was too beautiful and reasonably priced not to..despite having nothing to do with Orkney!!!
Anyway, I did manage to knit a bit of my 3rd hitchhiker scarf, using home spun yarn and did some spinning of one of my first dyeing efforts.
If you are interested in seeing some pictures of Orkney, please check out my Week in Orkney post.
3rd Hitchhiker scarf (with eyelets on 8th rows)
British 56s spun from first dyeing and drum carding practice
North Ronaldsay Aran Yarn



North Ronaldsay dyed yarn


North Ronaldsay fibre


Sari Silk






  1. Oh my……………..your wool for the jumper is so pretty. I love gray jumper as they go with everything. The other wools are quite nice also and some lovely colorways. But…………….the silk! WOW! Extremely gorgeous and will make your sister a lovely 50th gift. Looks like you will be doing quite a bit of spinning over the next few weeks.


    • Thanks, I will most likely be dyeing the white and grey fibre myself and wanted to see the difference the grey flecks make when dyeing, if anything…but you are right the silk is just Wow! So many colours.


    • Thanks 🙂. There’s just one family left living on the Isle of Auskerry, so even the woman in the shop said to me my purchases will be helping support that family in staying there and looking after those rare sheep…So I did feel proud to be putting something into the local economy. The silk…well that was just a moment of weakness. Lol


  2. Your new yarns and fibers are so beautiful! I’m with Lucy – that souvenir yarn doesn’t count as stash! I’m traveling soon, and if I manage to make it into a yarn store, I’m adopting this!


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