YOP8 – Week 18/52

We had such a lovely few days with our friends from Michigan, I played tour guide and we did Loch Ness, a castle, 2 distilleries, a visit to Dornoch for the best hot chocolate in the world and a visit to Inverness for some craft ales and shopping.

I have had a terrible chest infection so didn’t make it to my monthly felting group, so only have some knitting to show.

The two at a time knitting I started at Loch Ness Knit Fest turned into a pair of fingerless gloves with no pattern followed…but that’s the plus side of knitting them together, you don’t have to write down your increases or remember what you did for more than a minute…as you are doing the same thing on the 2nd item straight away.  I see the appeal, however the thick cable on my circular needles made it slower than I’d have liked.

I also finished my husband’s 2nd sock.  He is a man of few words, so its hard to tell if he likes them.  For those who read last week about the issue with the heel, I got some advice and then realised where I’d gone wrong so ripped it back to the start of the heel and re-did it correctly.  So they are pretty pairfect…as per the yarn name.

That’s it.  Not much and it seems weird to have missed my felting group, but I would hate to pass this bug on to one of the ladies and my cough is very annoying.

Hopefully I will feel better soon, as I would like to make an autumnal fairy…although it snowed a little on Friday night/Saturday morning…so it is feeling more like winter!!



  1. So glad you got the sock issue solved. If the hubby wears them often, then he loves them. That is the only way I know if my hubby likes his.

    I so hope you start to feel better. It is never fun to be sick.

    The fingerless mitts turned out perfect. TAAT is the best way to do a project you make up as you go.

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  2. Hope you start to feel better soon. The socks look great and I’m glad to hear the issue has been resolved. Lovely looking fingerless gloves and it helps when knitting TAAT doesn’t it.

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  3. Hope you are feeling better soon. I do everything I can taat! Even sleeves on a jumper. No second item syndrome and I can do them exactly the same.

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  4. I love the socks, especially the red striping part! Hope your cough gets away soon. When I have a cough, lots of hot tea with honey helps quite well. Oh, and wearing handknitted hats and scarfs does too, of course 😉 But I am sure you knew that!


  5. Loch Ness, a castle, 2 distilleries, a visit to Dornoch for the best hot chocolate in the world and a visit to Inverness for some craft ales and shopping? Wow, that sounds great! Can I visit?

    Better to rest and get over your flu bug. It’s best not shared!

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