YOP8 – Week 24/52


As we are approaching the half way point of the year of projects, I reviewed my YOP list and ticked off some things.  I had been a bit vague about what I planned to spin during the year, so have updated my YOP page and will snapshot the progress when we get to week 26, like I did week 13. 

After much indecision about what wet felted item I would make with my corriedale wool in poppy colourway (that was a prize from the Tour de Fleece), I instead decided to use it to create a ‘fractal yarn’.  On the picture below you can see the original fibre, I then split it in half; one half (a) is split into the different shades and the other half (b) is split so it has each colour in each strip.  

On bobbin 1 I spun (a) so I started with all the burgundy then all red and then all greens (BRG).

On bobbin 2 I spun (b) so spinning each of the multicoloured strips, starting with the burgundy ends each time.

I then plied the 2 bobbins together and that creates a fractal yarn.  If you want 3 ply you would split the colours in 3 ways, e.g. bobbin 1 BRG, bobbin 2 BRG BRG BRG and bobbin 3 BRG BRG BRG BRG BRG BRG.  

I love the end result and look forward to dyeing some fibre myself to give it another go.  This handspun yarn will be used to make a ribbed hat for my husband.  He has green eyes, so it should suit him well.

I also finished spinning my Shetland wool, transferring what was on my spindle onto the larger amount on my spinning wheel.  I set it and then remembered I am going to be dyeing it so probably didn’t need to soak and snap it before dyeing.  Ah well!  Once I have dyed it I will post a photo!

My camel and silk handspun yarn is dry so that is all labelled and ready to make something with.  It is the softest yarn I have ever held.  Has anyone just kept hanks of wool to cuddle!?  It is soooo soft to touch I love the feel of it. 

Hopefully in this photo you will better see the colour differences between standard and chain plying…the colours on the chain ply are more evident (top and bottom hanks).  I haven’t chosen a pattern for it yet, something to go against my skin for sure!  


I have cast on a new pair of socks, this time just a vanilla pattern, in the hope I will have them finished before Christmas! I decided to cast on 64 stitches with my 2.5mm sockwunder needle and so far it looks a much better sized sock.  I can’t believe how fast I can knit a vanilla sock with this needle, highly recommend for speed.  Next on the needles will be the fractal spun yarn hat.  My Lintilla has been temporarily parked, I thought I could try alternating between projects but the socks have a deadline so are getting all my focus.  

Felting and fibre craft

I have mentioned my fairies before, but thought I would post a picture of them all hanging, so you know where they live! Also I ordered a couple of empty baubles from World of Wool and popped some sparkly fibre in them and hung them on the real Christmas tree.  They are very hard to take a photo of and you’ll notice a reflection of Bones TV show lol!  I am already on Season 10!  


Finally, I was inspired by @Gilliangladrag Instagram to make a fibre christmas pudding.  I used milk protein top for the brandy sauce.  If you need a few moments of joy each day then I recommend following @Gilliangladrag and watching her daily stories.  She owns the Gilliangladrag Fluff-a-torium shop in Dorking, England.  Unfortunately, I live hundreds of miles away so haven’t been, but have bought her fibre blends and some other bits from her online shop.  




  1. The spinning looks great and I can already see how great a hat will look knit up with fractal yarn, can’t wait to see it. The Shetland wool looks so soft even in the picture and definitely deserves to be a next to the skin knit. How cute are those fairies! Love them and isn’t it amazing how quick vanilla socks can go!

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      • ahh I thought it was the shetland, and did wonder how you’d managed to find shetland so soft and snuggly lol. I’m still looking forward to seeing the Shetland but that’s because I like the woolier wools.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I love your christmas decoration! Interesting to learn that you are using the sockwunder needles for sock knitting – how do you like them? Do you use those in addition to other methods or do you switch between them and DPNs or magic loop?

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    • I cast on with the sockwunder needles, do the leg section, leave front of sock on the sockwonder and move heel to double pointed needles and turn the heel and picking up the stitches, then go back to the sockwunder and start the decreases for gusset and stick with it for the foot and use double pointed to hold for Kitchener stitch toes. I could use magic loop for the heel and toe. The short needle is so fast though, because there’s no need to move your stitches along the needle, you just go round and round and round.


  3. Wow – you have gotten some amazing projects done! Your handspun yarn is beautiful, and I love your felted fairy tree as well! Love the ornaments – they look like something magical is happening inside them 🙂

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  4. I liked reading your explanation of a fractal yarn (and how you create it). I hadn’t thought seriously about how one gets a yarn like that, but it’s wonderful to knit or crochet with. Yours is beautiful, and will make a great hat for your husband.

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