YOP12 Week 13/52 – 1st quarter review

Wow these 13 weeks have flown by and I feel like I haven’t accomplished much. I am going to make a concerted effort to get back into a regular habit of making stock for the shop, finish some projects and do some work in the garden which has been quite neglected this summer.



I have finished the 3” of rib on my March hat and now ready to start the patterned section.


I finished my socks. This is my regular adaptation to Hermione’s Everyday Socks (HES) pattern. I cast on 64 stitches on 2mm needles, about 10 rows of 1×1 rib, vanilla leg and foot, heel and toe as per the HES pattern. These are my first socks with silk instead of nylon content. They will be for special occasions! The colour is richer in real life.

I used 49g and so could make another pair of socks, but I may make another Mostly Warmness cowl instead.

HoneyGold Acres 70% superwash merino/30% silk


Dolores Van Hoofen is taking shape with her body in progress.

Her shawl is finished.


I went to spinning group on Tuesday evening and made a start on spinning some of my new US Rambouillet fibre. Its gorgeous and soft and fairly quick to spin.

Other News

Well I’ve had a rather weepy week. I cried a few times during the 7 hours of the Queen’s funeral on Monday and the waterworks kept coming throughout the week. Our Disney+ is coming to an end and so I was cramming in all the Disney movies I haven’t seen, and those Pixar peeps know how to tug at my heart strings. I watched Soul, Coco, Luca and Big Red. Then I watched Cruella which I really enjoyed. I then tried watching the 2nd Malificent movie and remembered I’d not finished watching the first one because the fairies irritated me.

Then on Friday I found out our favourite cafe is shutting down next week. We have bought cake from Ems & Co pretty much once a week every week since before lockdown. Mostly we have got cake to go, but occasionally have eaten in too. We have also ordered birthday cakes from there. My double chin, liver and waistline will probably be grateful but I’m gutted.

1st Quarter snapshot

↪️ carried over from a previous YOP year
✳️ started
✅ finished
🆕 added to list after week 1
⁉️ fell at a hurdle but back on track
🐸 frogged/abandoned

NB. There are links to the Ravelry pattern, yarn or project page.

Acquisitions/Stash Management

  • ↪️No new superwash knitting yarns (My stash has enough to make socks for many years.) I bought some sw merino/silk to have a project to knit on in Wisconsin.
  • ↪️Contain my stash! (Limit stash to only what will fit in existing containers (2 x Kallax unit, rainbow drawers and weaving shelves) and have no overflow containers or bags, only exception to be hand processed Shetland X fleece.)
  • ↪️Buy yarn for a larger Havana only once I have made space for it! This is hopefully going to keep me motivated to use existing stash for everything else.


  • Havana blanket (once I have enough room in Kallax to store the yarn!)


  • ↪️ Dye more locks for fairies’ hair
  • Experiment with microwave dyeing


  • ↪️ Needle felted Ylva ✳️ (Started YOP9!)
  • ↪️ Needle felted Highland Cow ✳️ (Started YOP9!)
  • ↪️ Make a handbag using the felting ball ✳️ (Started YOP11 week 24 fibres weighed and test felt)
  • ↪️ Make plant pot covers
  • Pictures and products to sell/gift/keep. ✳️
    • Fairies – August x 1 (gift)
    • Lampshades 20cm
    • Lampshades 25cm
    • Lampshades 35cm
    • Lampshades 40cm – August x 1
    • Tomte
    • Baubles
    • Wreaths
    • Waste paper bin – August x 1

Fibre Prep

  • ↪️ Finish washing BFL/Shetland X (from Katharine) ✳️ started washing and using it YOP 9.
  • ↪️ Finish washing Shetland X (from Serena) ✳️ started washing YOP11 week 1
  • Practice combing wool fibre




  • Celtic Myths Shawl by Asita Krebs in Baa Ram Ewe Dovestone DK ✳ started week 1
  • A summer weight shawl.
  • Frog any sock yarn shawls I don’t wear ✅ frogged Lintilla and a Hitchhiker week 6



  • Knit using existing stashed yarn or handspun only:
    • Design (for my own use only) a new pair of colourwork mitts using Hastings Mitts by Tracie Millar as a template and New Lanark DK yarn from Alissa.
    • A colour-work project using Black Isle yarns Gotland wool
    • Alaska hat (if I find a non-superwash kit I like at Wisconsin Wool Festival)
    • 🆕 The Shift by Andrea Mowry using handspun, Border Leicester, leftovers ✳️ started week 7
    • 🆕️ March Hat by Meghan Babin using Juniper Moon Herriot alpaca yarn ✳ started week 12


Painting & Drawing

  • ↪️ Do a new watercolour painting
  • Do a new pastel drawing


  • ↪️ Make a project using denim from old jeans
  • Make trousers with fabric in stash
  • Make play suit/jumpsuit with fabric in stash
  • Make top (test version) with fabric in stash
  • Make actual top with handwoven cotton fabric I make
  • Make something else with handwoven wool fabric I make


  • ↪️ Finish spinning John Arbon Harvest Hues fibre (✳️ Started YOP9!)
  • ↪️ Finish spinning 25g breed project (✳️ Started YOP10)
  • ↪️ Baby camel and silk colour #4. (✅ started YOP11 week 14 finished YOP12 week 2)
  • ↪ BFL/Shetland Parma violets (✅ started YOP11 week 52 finished YOP12 week 2)
  • Spin 2021 advent fibres
  • 🆕️ Merino/flax ✳ started
  • 🆕️ US Rambouillet ✳ started week 13


Rigid heddle loom
  • ↪️ Make a woven project using handspun yarns
  • ↪️ Make fabric to sew at least one garments.
  • Midnight Shawl by Kelly Casanova
  • Make a selection of wide hand/dish towels 1️⃣✅ started green hand towels week 2, finished week 3.
Inkle loom
  • Make some inkle bands from the book my sister gave me for Christmas
  • Make a Minion inkle tablet weaving band
  • Try another tablet card weaving pattern.


Have a 3rd lesson in wood turning.

This is a Year of Projects post.  Officially the Group is in its 12th year, but this is my 5th year participating.  If you would like to find more about the Year of Projects Group on Ravelry. 

Year 12 list.


  1. You have some lovely projects on the go, that hat looks like it’s going to be really toasty. I love the yarn in those socks too, I think we like very similar colour palettes! I’ve never used silk in socks, how do you find they wear? I’ve been reading up about mohair and that recommended as a nylon alternative in a sock blend so I thought I might experiment with that.

    Liked by 1 person

    • These are my first socks with silk in so I’ll have to see. I hear mohair is pretty slippery on wood floors so take care. I’ve not used any mohair but have heard of a few people slipping in socks with mohair.


  2. You multi crafters simply amaze me!!! I have a hard enough time managing just knitting. Any sewing is limited to making knitting project bags! I do so enjoy living vicariously through all your crafting. I love that March hat pattern. Maybe someday I’ll finally knit a hat. My stepdaughter is good about taking walks even when it’s cold so I bet she would love a hat. I do love what silk does for yarn shine. Will be curious how well socks fit with a silk blend. That is indeed sad that a local cafe is closing. Always makes me sad to see any business close. Our favorite restaurant closed when the “kids” didn’t want to continue running it.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. You have some lovely projects going on. Those you showed today and those talked about in your updated list. I am in love with Dolores! I have a friend that adores stuffies. I may decide to order a kit and make it for her and then I can get different outfits and gift those to her as time goes on. Those socks with the silk are very pretty. I have a feeling the silk will wear quite well as it is a very sturdy fiber. I love seeing your list updated. you have so much planned and already have much of it on the go.


  4. Those socks are so pretty. I love the shawl for your sheep and I can’t wait to see when she’s done. I also REALLY like that hat pattern…it is very cool! The yarn you spin is so cool. I get the Disney channel for the grands for Christmas but I wouldn’t mind having it for myself. You are so good on staying on task and sticking to your plan. I wish I could do that! LOL!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. You’ve had a busy first 13 weeks of this YOP year – travel, kitchen, end of summer – so I can see why you’d feel like not much crafting has gotten done. That said, I’m absolutely LOVING your new hat and your socks are wonderful – wear them lots! Bummer about your local cafe/cake shop. We’ve had a lot of restaurants close locally (not that we had much to pick from before….) too.

    Liked by 1 person

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