YOP12 Week 9/52 – Sweet and Tartan Socks FO



I added another section to The Shift cowl. Apologies for the dodgy evening photo.


I finished my Sweet and Tartan socks by Tracie Millar.

Last Sunday I was questioning what to do because the first sock was a bit tight, well by that afternoon I had ripped it all out and started it again knitting the medium size (64 stitches) with 2.25mm needles. My usual size for plain socks would be 64 stitches on 2mm or 56 stitches on 2.25mm, so if you do this pattern I’d recommend going a needle size up to allow for the pull in on the slipped stitches.

I only continued the tartan pattern to where my shoe would begin and after that I just did 2 rows in each colour so they were very quick. I finished them on Friday, it helps my feet are tiny (UK 3/US 5). One sock is accidentally 1 row shorter, did you spot it? I prefer the heel on Hermione’s Everyday sock (HES) pattern, so I’d use that heel instead if I knit it again. I forgot to do the turquoise stripe before the toe and did change the toe to the HES one. Not much else to say except it’s a fun knit and quick because it’s addictive and easy to memorise.

The yarn is 4 ply yarns from Cookston Crafts, Ripples Crafts and some I’d dyed myself. I’m not sure if I will make the pattern again but I do like the look, but I will definitely do stripes again using 2 coloured yarns, that’s very easy!

Edit on 15th January 2023, after numerous washes in my old washing machine, we bought a new one and washed these socks and they shrank and felted, so they are now ornaments!!!

Other News

Tomorrow I am off on holiday! My husband is staying home to look after the dog, whilst I jet off to Toronto, Michigan and Wisconsin to see friends! I will be posting on my travel blog at some point about what I’ve been getting up to. I’m only taking hand luggage and at the moment I don’t think I have room for any knitting projects…but there’s a knitting project going to be waiting for me to start in Wisconsin. It’s unlikely I’ll have anything to report next Sunday on this blog, so I will do the next YOP update in a fortnight.

This is a Year of Projects post.  Officially the Group is in its 12th year, but this is my 5th year participating.  If you would like to find more about the Year of Projects Group on Ravelry. 

Year 12 list.


  1. I really like those socks! Is there any reason in particular you think you’d not revisit the pattern? Short feet are definitely the best to knit for. I hope you enjoy your holiday, Toronto is on my wish list.

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    • My stash is missing some good contrasting yarns really. I suppose the same applies to stripes but for the Tartan but to pop you need a good contrast and my stash is not very colour tone varied.


  2. Oh a perfect time to visit the north MidWest! I know we are getting a cool down in Ohio this week so should be wonderful a little further north. I’m guessing you might fit in a visit to Chicago. Lots to see there. My friend that I went on the schooner trip lives in Detroit and you might be passing through there (not as much to see). I look forward to hearing about your travels.

    I love the socks (you do have tiny feet) and the shawl is coming along nicely.

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    • I’ve been to Chicago a couple of times before when I spent the year in Michigan. No time on this visit and I’m flying to WI rather than driving. 6 years ago we did a couple of walking tours around Detroit and they are worth doing. Its improved significantly from 1991-1992, but it got worse before getting better.

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  3. I love the tartan socks (must queue them). I giggled a bit at the one row shorter comment you made. My second Patches sock is about an inch shorter because I thought I had memorized the patches as being 8 rows tall, but then discovered as I got to the heel that they were in fact 10 rows tall, so…….I wasn’t going to rip them out as no one ever sees the part of the sock that is inside my pant legs, and it is a good reminder for me to check the pattern every once in a while and stop being such a Miss Smarty Pants. lol!

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