Sunday Sweater FO



Sunday Sweater by Petite Knits


Feeling Good yarn by Wool and the Gang. Bulky. 70% alpaca, 23% nylon and 7% merino. 50g balls. The colour is Curasao Blue. I’m not sure why they spell it like that, we would spell it Curaçao.


Pattern: £5.28 (this was the GBP amount based on the exchange rate when I bought it for 45 Danish Kroner)

Yarn: £50.80 for 6 x 50g balls.

Total (excluding labour): £56.08


Started – 23rd April 2022

Finished – 13th July 2022

Link to Ravelry Page

Pattern summary

The pattern is very well written and easy to follow, albeit I did keep making changes. I did not do the double thickness collar as I was going to be short on yarn. I also didn’t do the balloon sleeves. I knit them straight down until I got the where I wanted to start the cuff. The pattern has you start the cuff much later so the sleeves would be enormous, that’s not really what I was after so once the arms were at my wrist level I then started on the cuff.

Cuff: Row 1 I did K2tog, P1 around. Row 2 I did a decrease (P2tog) at the start and (K2tog) end of the round, this gave me slightly less than recommended cuff stitches but worked well. I then knit 10 rows of K1, P1.

Body hem: I knit 12 rows of K1, P1.

I am not sure this is really a flattering jumper, but for sure it’s cosy and being called the Sunday Sweater seems to suit it. On Sundays we often go for a walk around a local loch and see some alpacas…I wonder if they’ll be interested in it at all.

I have a slight temptation to pick up some stitches on the neck and make it tighter but I’m pretty short on remaining yarn.

Yarn Summary

This yarn is fabulous! It is so incredibly soft and lightweight. It’s fluffy and cosy and know it’s going to be warm. The yarn is sustainably produced in Peru, supporting remote alpaca growing communities. The yarn is made using a cage structure where air pressure blows the Alpaca/Merino into the cage, the result being “a highly durable yarn with lots of volume”.

It was easy to knit with, occasionally fluff got up my nose or on my trousers. It is really hard to describe how soft it is. It’s a warm long sleeved and baggy cosy jumper only weighing 300g! That’s impressive.

I am extremely tempted to, one day, knit a (3rd) Turtle Dove jumper with this yarn…but perhaps this will replace my Turtle Doves and become the jumper I throw on most in winter.

Photo Gallery

Update: 15th November 2022

I knew I wasn’t happy with the wide neckline and could feel I wasn’t going to end up wearing this jumper because of it, so this week I picked it back up and added a polo neck/turtle neck to it. I’m so much happier with it now and its going to be very cosy. I made some very rough notes on my Ravelry project page about adding the neck. In the end I used all 6 skeins fully.


  1. It turned out lovely. As for the neck, just throw a turtle neck shirt on underneath and it should be just fine. Alpaca has got to be the warmest yarn next to Yak.

    Off topic….how close are you to St Andrews? We are watching the open and admiring the scenery from that area.

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  2. Your finished sweater is a beautiful color, Liz, and it does look cozy. I like the idea of a turtleneck under it. I chuckled at the comments about the alpacas possibly being interested in it. 😀

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