YOP12 Week 45/52 – socks and sewing



I finished my 2nd pair of socks from the sock blank (similar to the first pair) and there’s just a small amount of yarn left for my Habitation Throw. I basically used the Rose City Rollers pattern but with a 1×1 rib cuff and slightly longer leg.

I knit a sock in 1 day! Ok so the yarn is either Sport or Light DK I’m not quite sure. The yarn was once a hat that I crocheted way back in 2015 before I knew how to knit or crochet and I just ‘winged it’ making it up as I went along and it was always a bit snug. So I frogged it in 2020 and now it will be a pair of socks once I’ve finished it’s buddy!

Hat to socks!


I have been sewing the test version of a top pattern I bought for handwoven fabric. I haven’t woven the fabric yet and now I’m wondering if I will. Oooof sewing is tricky and a bit of a faff. I like sewing straight lines but curves not so much.

This is the first garment I’ve sewn and it’s just in some plain cotton as a test only, but I’ve done my first bias tape and neckline and I sewed a sleeve on only to realise the sleeve was inside out doh! After unpicking that it was time for a break from it.

I’m going on a dyeing day with the Guild next weekend and did think I could take this along to have a go at dyeing!

Other News

We watched the Coronation yesterday, well my husband snoozed through a bit of it. The highlight for me was Sir Bryn Terfel singing in Welsh, it gave me goosebumps and tears in my eyes. No idea what the words meant but his voice is powerful.

I did a lot of planting this week but I record that on my gardening blog. Some signs of life from 3 out of 8 potatoes now after the bad frost we had a couple of weeks ago.

I have fallen a bit behind on reading friends’ blogs (sorry) but I’ll play catch up this week.

This is a Year of Projects post.  Officially the Group is in its 12th year, but this is my 5th year participating.  If you would like to find more about the Year of Projects Group on Ravelry. 

Year 12 list.


  1. If you keep at the sewing, you’ll learn and it will become easier. That’s what I had to do. I once saw a video that showed to straighten the curved edge while sewing by bunching up the rest of it. I try to remember to do that. It does make sewing curves easier.

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  2. Too funny, we are both working on a project with frogged yarn this week. It is satisfying to see the beautiful yarn get transformed into something that I’ll like better. Your socks look great. Best wishes on your sewing. I have zero skill at sewing something and not have it look extremely homemade. I stick to only project bags and fixing seams. 😉 I think your top looks great. Certainly doesn’t look like a first project.

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  3. Good job, re-using the yarn! It’s such a pretty yarn and I’m sure you’ll enjoy having it in something you’ll wear. And I’m telling you this because I need to hear it myself – don’t feel bad or guilty about falling off reading other blogs! It’s meant to be a low-stress, enjoyable thing, right? I’ve been reading as they show up in my inbox but I’ve been terrible about commenting!

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  4. The hat to socks are going to gorgeous. Smart move. The blue socks are pretty too. Sewing curves takes time. It needs to go slow so you can turn the fabric. Once you get the hang of it it goes a bit faster and we’ll worth it. Clipping the curves was always my downfall. Inusually knicked the seam and had to go back and reinforce. I wanted to watch the coronation but 2 in the morning is a bit early for me. I was hoping for a rerun but have not seen a station with it yet.

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